Swallow Rock

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one of three famous Rocks along the Changjiang River(the Yangtze River)This small scenic area was named "Swallow Rock" as its shape resembles a swallow. And it got the name of No.1 Rock along the Chang Jiang River (Yangtze River) for its important location as port and military site. The Swallow Rock is 36-meter high facing the surged river, so it provides an excellent and an up-close view of the Chang Jiang. On the top of the rock, you can also appreciate the calligraphy of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty on the stone tablet, which is one of the “48 scenic spots of Jinling”. Besides, there are several temples and caves near the Swallow Rock, which could also give you a great view of fantastic site.


Solo Adventure Tips:


Guanyin Gate, North urban of Nanjing

How to Get There?

Buses 8, 64 stop at Swallow Rock. From the bus stop walk forward and turn right.Take a taxi from the Maigao Qiao subway station.


Ticket Price:

  15 yuan per person 

Opening Hours:
5:00 to 23:00

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