Yangshan Tablet Stones

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Yangshan (initially named Yanmen Shan) is located at the northwest corner of the tourist area in Tangshan town. The Yangshan Tablet Stones Park was ranked to be a key provincial culture-protection unit in 1955. In July, 1997, the government of Tangshan established a management institution for Yangshan Tablet Stones Park. The responsibility of this institution is to remedy and protect the park.

The Yangshan Tablet Stones comes relating to Chinese history: In 1405, with the purpose of extolling and memorizing his father Zhuyuan Zhang, Zhu Di (the emperor of Ming Dynasty) recruited some famous skilled craftsmen throughout the country to excavate three huge tablet stones on Yangshan. One stone is 17meters high, with a width of 29.5meters and a thickness of 12 meters, totally 16.25million kilograms. Another one is 51meters high, 14.2 wide, 4.5meters thick and 8.799 million kilograms. The third stone is 10 meters high, 22meters wide, 10.3meters thick and 6.118 million kilograms. If we combine the three stones together, they will form a huge complete stele, which is 78meters, as high as a building of 28 storeys. And the weight of the huge stele is 31.167million kilograms, a rare stele and a marvelous spectacle in the world. Famous poet Yuanmei commented the Tablet Stones that "Stele as long as a yataghan to reach the sky; thousands of camels can not draw it up."

The unparalleled tablet stones agglomerate the witness and hematidrosis of Chinese ancient People. Besides, it is a real poetic picture by watching other scenes in the Yangshan Tablet Stones Park.

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located at the northwest corner of the tourist area in Tangshan town.

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