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Nanjing Food

Last updated by orchid at 2017/5/16

Nanjing cuisine has fine cutting techniques and is skillful in timing. Hence, it has thick flavor with tastiness of the four directions and caters to tastes of people from eight directions. It wins over many specifically by its freshness, fragrance, crispness and tenderness.

Nanjing Featured Food:

Salted Soup Duck

Salted soup duck, one of Nanjing specialties, is a dish with over 1000 years of history, and is one of Chinese most famous methods of preparing duck. Salted duck can be made during the whole year, but autumn is the best time to make because ducks at this time are fat and are seasoned with Osmanthus flowers. So it also gets the name “Osmanthus Duck”. The chef chooses well-bred ducks and smears salt and spice on them to add flavors. It tastes fragrant, crisp and tender. But you should pay attention that you’d better taste it as soon as you buy it cause it can’t be stored long.  

Pressed Duck

Pressed Duck got the fame long before. It is marinated in a sauce first , then dried. Tasted tight , pliable and delicious, pressed duck is not only popular nowadays, but also 600 hundreds of years ago. During the Qing Dynasty, the officials used to send the good quality ducks to the Emperor, and exchange gifts each other with the pressed ducks. According to the seasons, there are winter duck and summer one.