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Nanjing Transport

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The Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing connects railways on the northern and the southern river banks so that Nanjing has become the train transport hub of Eastern China. At the intersection of the national Jinghu Railway (Beijing-Shanghai Railway) and Ningtong (Nanjing -Tongchuan) Railway, Nanjing has a convenient rail network , which includes Nanjing Station, Nanjing West Station and Nanjing South Station, which aim at the trains for different directions. Even Huning part of Jinghu Railway has the ticket rule, like the buses. You can get on the train at any time as soon as you buy the ticket.

Enquiry / Ticket Booking Telephone: 025-99838 

Nanjing Railway Station

Location: Ryongban Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Brief Introduction:

The Nanjing Railway Station was opened in October of 1968. The new building was built in 2005 and is spacious. The station has conventional lines and a bullet train line. It is affiliated with the Shanghai Railway Bureau, and it is ranked first-class. Nanjing Railway Station has 10 tracks in total. Among the 10 tracks, there are 2 main tracks which are also called passengers lines, 5 arrival and departure tracks, 1 locomotive track and 4 train compartment storage tracks. There are 4 station platforms, and each measures 500 meters. The station sits next to the subway line and is just north of a big lake with a park. Several lines meet at the station such as the Jinghu Railway (from Beijing to Shanghai) and the Hening Railway (from Hefei to Nanjing). At present, about 35 trains originate from Nanjing Station every day, and most of them are T trains (special fast trains that only stop at main stations) from Nanjing to Shanghai. The number of trains which stop at Nanjing Station can reach 200 every day.

Station Building:

The station building has 1 floor underground and 3 floors above ground, and it measures 270 meters long from east to west and 53.5 meters long from south to north. Its peak capacity is more than 10,000 passengers. There are 32 ticket booths and emergency 8 ticket offices in the Ticket Concourse. The total area of the Ticket Concourse is 115 square meters.

The first floor of the Station Building has a Luggage Office in its western end; the Ticket Concourse in its middle and the soft-seat VIP waiting area in its eastern end. In the second floor, there are the Entrance Concourse, the General Waiting Room, the Mother-and-child Room, the Servicemen Waiting Room, and a “158” office where people can seek help, including medical help. In the third floor is the General Waiting Room. For passenger convenience, the station building is equipped with 18 escalators, 4 lifts and 10 elevators (7 for disabled people and 3 for goods).

Passengers can enter the Waiting Room on the second floor directly from the bus station on the second floor level. The Exit Concourse underground is connected with the Nanjing Subway Station and the Parking Lot where there are taxis that depart from the building. Passengers can catch the subway, buses or taxis without leaving the building.

The station has an Automatic Storage Machine area, ATMs and Mobile Quick Charger Equipment for the convenience of passengers. There are special ticket services for the disabled people, foreigners, and groups. There are medical service centers and rooms for VIPs.

Station Transport
Passengers can take No. 1, 13, 17, 32, 33, 36, 50, 59, 64,Tourist 1, 801, 811, and 813 to get there.

Phone Numbers
Inquiry Phone Number: 025-85822222; 025-85824224
Nanjing Railway Station Ticket Booking Number: 85824224; 85071111.
Passengers can collect their tickets at the No 1 Service Window on the first floor of the Nanjing Gulou Post Office Tower.