Ningxia Festivals

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Id al- Fitr (the festival of fast breaking)

Id al- Fitr is a very important festival for Muslims. September of the Islamic calendar is Muslim Fast when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset with nothing to eat or drink in the day except a meal before sunrise. On the final day of Muslim fast, Muslims watch the crescent moon, marking the end of the fast. Muslims began to eat and drink as a celebration when the fast is over. So Id al- Fitr is a festival of fast breakin.

Mawlid (the birthday of the Prophet)

Mawlid, held on 8th, June every year, is celebrated in memory of the birthday and death of Mohammed, who was born and died on the same day. On that day, various activities, including reading the Koran, eulogizing Mohammed, and telling stories about Mohammed, are held for celebration. Muslims go to the mosques to hear the imam and ahong explain the Korans, and then have fun. Some Muslims even kill sheep or cattles to make a feast.

Id al-adha (the Festival of Sacrifice)

Id al-adha is from Arabic, originally meaning making sacrifice. This festival falls on 10th, December of the Islamic calendar when neat-dressed Hui people go the mosque to participate a rite. In well-to-do areas, after the rite every Hui has to kill a sheep and seven Huis a cattle or a camel together. All the meat will be divided into three shares, one for oneself, one for relatives, neighbors and guests, and one for the poor. When all ceremonies are finished, Huis go to visit relatives and friends with Youxiang(flour-made cake ) and Huakeke(flour dough twists)as gifts.

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