Basum Lake

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Basum Lake is the largest barrier lake in the north of Tibet. It is 3469 meters above the sea level. The shape of it looks like a new moon inlayed in the high gorge and deep valley. Covering an area of 37.5 square kilometers (3750 hectares), it is about 12 kilometers (about 7 miles) long. The lake is so clear that we can see directly to the bottom. On the surface of the lake, there are reflections of the snow-topped mountains around. Birds like ducks, sandpipers and white crane lazily swim on the lake. Due to this gorgeous picture, Basum Lake was ranked as a national AAAA scenic spot in 2000 and was conferred the name of national forest park on it in 2001.

Basum Lake Tourist Spot combines snow-topped mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, pastures, places of interests, ancient temples and so on. The scenery changes as the season differs. Various kinds of wilds animals take it as an ideal habitat. Basum Lake is indeed the paradise on earth. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the Mongolian Lamaism regard Basum Lake as their sacred lake.

The best season to travel to Basum is autumn. In autumn, the sky is clearh and the weather is fine. The red maple leaves stand out against the blue sky. There is an island on the lake, which is said to be a hollow one. Photographers can climb the mountains in the back of the resort, where they can have the opportunity to shoot the beautiful island, which is like a pearl inlayed on the green lake.

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