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A folk song goes like this: “There is an inviting pretty place. It is evergreen and free from suffering, sorrow and pain. She is called Xiangbala and resided by the immortals. Xiangbala is not far away, she is my hometown.”

This merry land free from the disturbance pf industrialization is Xiangbala, the fairyland for the immortals. It is not far away and in the arms of the snow mountains, forests and rivers. Milin boasts the largest canyon in the world- the Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon, the mist crowned the Nanjiabawa Peak – the 15th highest in the world, the miracle of water flowing backward at the confluence of Yaluzhangbu and Niyang, the Gega natural hot spring and the well preserved primitive forest of Nayi Zhagong Valley.

Milin is also home to more than 720 kinds of seed plants, including pine trees, ferns, azaleas and a wide variety of animals. Additionally waterfalls, glaciers and snow mountains that are rarely seen in other places are very common in Milin.

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