The Dimu Grotto and Sculpture

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With regard to Nyingchi’s history, the earliest historical records are found on the stone sculpture in Gongbu. The first chief of the Yalong Tribe Niecizanpu came to the holy Qiangtuo Mountain from Bomi and from here he started his life as a tribe chief and passed his power for seven generations.

The chief resided in the Qngwada Palace in south Tibet and in the first century B. C., a combat for power took place in the palace and the 7th chief Zigongzanpu was killed. His two princes Nieci and Xiaci escaped back to Gongbu. Afterwards the younger prince Xiaci returned from Gongbu to Yalong and resumed the crown again. He was later referred to as Budegongjie, the 8th chief of the Yalong Tribe.

The elder prince in the mean time stayed in Gongbu, becoming the local chief and starting the hereditary power mechanism within his family as mentioned in the stone tablet that “the supreme power can only be assumed by the offspring of the Chief.” This stone tablet was decreed by the Tibetan King Cidesongzan in the 8th century A.D.

Since then for a very long period of time the Gongbu area had been under the reign of his family. Later in the Sajia and the Pazu Period (13rd-16th century A. D.) Inzhi was under the reign of Gemageju Sect of the Tibetan Buddhism.

In the 17th century A.D. following the establishment of the Gandanpozhang Government, Nyingchi was divided as the demesnes of several chiefs of Arpei, Jiangzhong and Jiala etc. It was further divided as Zela, Juemu, Xueka and Jiangda in the folwwoing decades. As far as Bomi is concerned, at that moment it was ruled by local chief Gelangdeba and separated from the central government. Bomi was divided into two parts: Bodui and Bomi by the local government of Tibet in 1931.

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