The Paga Temple

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The temple, built in the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama, used to be in the rule of the Gandan Temple. It is said that there are two soul pagodas here and one of them houses the hats, robes and shoes of the first Master Cibazhongkeba of the Temple of Gandan Temple. , There are over 1,000 Buddha Statues and nearly 100 lamas in the temple.

The Paga Holy Mountain behind the temple, shaped like the Jipamu Goddess, is very famous in Gongbu and the cave at the half of the mountain is deemed to have supernatural power. Inside the deep cave there is a smaller one that goes upwards. On the wall and ceiling of the cave there are lots of mysterious marks and symbols known to no one today. An iron chain goes though the cave to help the visitors.

A geyser in the cave, called the Holy Paga Spring and deemed by the locals to be the pissing place for Duojipamu, spays water out every four hours and six times a day. It is said that when the water is shooting out, an eagle must fly out of the cave and return once the geyser stops spraying.

Three Buddha’s wheels are revolving by the waterpower under the spring cave. On the slope below the temple there is a well-known platform for heavenly funeral. And the legend says that three sister lakes in blue, green and white are around the temple.

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