The Sacred Sejila Mountain

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Profile Having climbed up to the 4,728 meters high mountain pass, one will observe the sunrise, cloud sea and boundless forest and the grand Nanjiabawa from afar. The Benrila Mountain near the Daze village at the hillside of Sejila, the holy mountain of Ben, is among the four Tibetan holy mountains.

The pilgrimages came here to circle around the holy peak throughout the year. On the 10th of August Tibetan Calendar, a large and important around-the-mountain journey is held which is called Liangbulasu (it means beg the God for treasures in Tibetan). The Seljila Mountain is primarily known for its wide spread azaleas.

The hillside between latitudes 2,900 and 5,300 meters (about 1,000 square kilometers) are intensely covered with 25 sorts of azaleas (the world has 850 kinds of azaleas, 460 of which are found in China and 170 seen in Tibet). The azaleas blossom from the middle of April until the end of June.

The blossom culminates in June when all the flowers are open. Numerous colors: yellow, red, pink, purple and so on and so forth are painted on the hillside which turns out to be a real flowers ocean. Some specialist argues that this is another Tibet’s No.1 of the world after the giant cypress in Nyingchi and the Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon.

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It lies in the east of the Nyingchi County, part of the Tangula Mountain Range. It divides the Niyang and Palongzhangbu Rivers. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway passed over the mountain.

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