The Tourist Zone of Nanyi Milin

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It is both a folk customs zone and an ecological tourist spot covering a land area of 820 hectares. The Nanyi Luoba Village is in this scenic zone. Due to its mild climate (yearly average temperature: 8.2 degree Celsius and rainfall: 675 mm), the zone abounds with a wide variety of species.

There are over 720 sorts of seeds plants and the dominant species is those of the pine family. The Milin Cloud Cedar King in Zhagongggou is 56.8 meters high; its trunk diameter 29.9 cm; and its tree crown covers 304 square meters. Such species as the Milin aspen and Red Handle Willow are only seen in Tibet. Rare animals, waterfalls, glaciers and snow mountains etc are also widely spread in the zone.

In the meantime it is a garden for medical herbs, edible fungi and mushroom. The herb farm of the Qizhen Nyingchi Traditional Tibetan Medicine factory is in this zone. The 5,000-acre farm abounds with a large variety of valuable medicines and herbs like Tianma, Sanqi etc. The Kangzuoshangbu, or the immortal cave, at Nanyigouzhegong near the herb garden is the location where Master Yutuoyundan, the founder of the Traditional Tibetan Medicine gave lecture to his students.

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