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Nyingchi Travel Guide

"Nyingchi" means "the Grand Seat of the Sun" in the language of Tibetan. It is noted for its green mountains and clear water. The Himalaya and Tangula Mountains wind their ways from west to east like two colossal dragons and join the Henduan Mountains in the east. The city of Nyingchi, lying in the southeast of Tibet, is in the embrace of these three mountain ranges.? Nyingchi is also called "the Switzerland of Tibet" and "the Jiangnan of Tibet" (Jiangnan means the fertile and prosperous area in the south of the Yangtze.)

The primitive forest of Nyingchi is well preserved in which one can easily find the upright ancient plateau Tibetan cypress, the Himalaya cold cedar, the "living plant fossil"- the tree bracken and a vast variety of azaleas. Nyingchi is therefore entitled "the Natural Museum and "the Natural Gene Pool". The area around the Buqun Lake is deemed to be the place where the wild man was living.


Lying in the lower reaches of the Yaluzhangbu River southeast of Tibet, the Nyingchi Prefecture has the average latitude of approximately 3,000 meters above the sea level while the lowest place here is only about 900 meters above the sea level. This area is known for its mild wet weather and gorgeous landscape. The major townships and scenic zones include the Economic Area of the Niyang River Valley, Bayi Town and the Scenic Zones of Yaluzhangbu River. Among the above, the capital township – Bayi on the bank of the Biyang River, is the political and economic center of this prefecture.

Ethnic Groups

Nyingchi is the native land to the Menba and Luoba people who have plenty of very typical traditional living customs and religious beliefs. The ancient legends, unsophisticated living customs, the totems of the tribes and villages among others all deliver these ancient and remote people a primitive, mysterious and inviting color. The widespread Tibetan Buddhism and local Ben give rise to the building of many great temples, which constitutes another tourist highlight in Nyingchi. In addition to its grand manmade tourist attractions, the natural beauty of Nyingchi is also highly appreciated by tourists. The major natural scenic attractions, to name just a few, are the Nanjiabawa Peak, the Grand Canyon of the Yaluzhangbu River, Basongcuo, Chayu and Bomi etc.?

Tourist Resources

Nyingchi boasts both gorgeous natural beauty and profound ethnic cultures. In recent years with the rapid advancement of economic reform and opening up, the tourist industry has turned out to be a pillar industry in the reaches of the Niyang River and the relevant networks and facilities have already taken their forms. Nyingchi has become an international forest park in "the third pole of the globe" where a wide variety of activities such as sightseeing, mountain hiking, rock climbing, exploration, white water surfing and scientific research are carried out. Its unique ethnic living customs, music and dances, sports and tournaments and so on and so forth are among the major tourist attractions. Two visiting routes are recommended as below: 1. Lhasa- the Basong Lake- the Bayi Township; 2. Lhasa- Nyingchi- Milin- Shannan- Lhasa? (This is a highly recommendable route and viewed as a perfect blending of natural beauty, cultural relics and folk customs.)

In the vast west of China there is a piece of pure land called "Tibetan Switzerland" due to its white snow and "Tibetan Jiangnan" for its green grass. Indeed it is purer than Switzerland and can bring more emotions out of the tourists than Jiangnan. This pure land is Nyingchi, the paradise in the snow land. Its fantastic high mountains, grand canyon, running springs and flying waterfalls, attractive ancient cultures of western China and mysterious exotic charms, all these make this land a magnet to visitors from both home and abroad.?

Nyingchi has international fame for the Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon, the deepest canyon of its kind in this planet. Its primitive forest is well preserved and abounds with a wide variety of wild animals and plants. Owing to its high latitude and inaccessibility, the canyon remains one of the very few corners in the globe that has not yet been disturbed by human activities. It is thus entitled "the Natural Nature Museum", "the Natural Gene Pool" and "the Tibetan Jiangnan". The local landscapes are bizarre, dangerous, wonderful and gorgeous. Nyingchi is often likened to a shining tourist gem on the Tibetan Plateau for its ethnic folk customs, the undulating Yaluzhangbu River, crystal clear glaciers, mysterious Grand Canyon, the green Cuogao Lake, lush primitive forest, nature reserve and unique local specialties.?

The passionate Yaluzhangbu River gives rise to the deepest, narrowest and longest canyon in the world. There spread vertically various plants that can be seen in four distinct seasons along the Nanjiabawa Peak whose top is always covered by snow and crowned with mist; the mild Lulang forest sea is evergreen for the whole year which is home to a vast variety of azaleas; the Kading Waterfall winds its way downwards … And a large number of Buddhist tales and legends are spread around, adding charms to this dreamland.

Nyingchi Travel Ideas

Nyingchi weather

The topography of Nyingchi is highly undulating with the average latitude of 3,000 meters and the lowest place- Bacuoka is only 150 meters above the sea level. Its climate is basically mild and pleasant for the whole year, which creates a desirable environment for both farming and animal husbandry a

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Nyingchi Products

As a crucial logistic center in southeast Tibet, every day various commodities come to Bayi from Lhasa, Chengdu, or even Beijing, Canton and Shanghai for trade. In the meantime local products sell out from here. Probably due to the fact that it has been aided by Canton, Bayi looks more like a Canton

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