Baxianguohai scenic spot

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Brief intro of the scenic spot:

Baxianguohai scenic spot is also called Baxian Ferry or Baxian Seaport, facing Daya Mountain, Penglai Pavilion, Changshan Island Chain on the other bank. It covers an area of 55 thousand square and boasts 40 scenic spots. The high sky and broad sea near the spots is magnificent. In late spring, the mirages appear. What a fancy and attractive spectacle! With Taoism and Penglai fairy tales as cultural background, the legend of Eight Immortals as theme, the scenic spots lay stress on the sea and the celestial mountain and combine the classic building and artistic garden. It is rich in content, profound in spirit and of high appreciative value. The scenic area looks like a precious gourd lying on the sea, attractive and vivid. The scenes overlaid each other, of which the Binhai Flat Roof, Long Corridor for Sightseeing, and Touch Pond may satisfy the children. Besides, there are also the forest of rock in grotesque formations, the rare bird zoo and the seal Island.


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How to Get There?
free electro mobile offered to get there, or pay 5 yuan by taxi.

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Opening Hours:
Summer, from 7:00——18:00; Winter, from 7:30——17:00

More Tips:
Tips: (1) free electro-mobile offered to get there from the Roadside opposite to bus station (2) Tel: 0535-5664777 ;5645921

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