Alona Beach

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Alona Beach is a famous white beach on the small island called Panglao Island which is in the southwest corner of Bohol Island. Panglao Island is connected to Bohol Island by two bridges. A long time ago, the coral reef there became sands because of the erosion from outside, which is the formation of the white Beach. Tourists can feel cool when they step onto this beach. In China, there are few people knowing about Alona Beach. However, Alona Beach is quite famous among the diving fans in foreign countries. On Alona Beach, there are no noisy water games such as parasailing and sports motor boating.. Diving and relaxing are the only things that you can do. Thus, Alona Beach is a perfect place for tourists to get relaxed and refreshed.

Alona Beach is less than five hundred meters long. Along the beach, there are restaurants, diving stores, hotels and so on. Tourists there are from all over the world, most of whom are from Europe and the US. During the daytime, the atmosphere there is quite listless. There are several people on the beach, either enjoying the coconut oil massage of the local women or lying on the beach chair to enjoy the sunbath. Not only the tourists feel listless, but also the dogs are lying still on the beach, sleeping. The whole beach looks like a sleeping one. When night falls, dining tables are arranged on the beach, candles are lighted and the smell of the delicious food comes out from the seafood barbecue grill. Till now, the beach seems to be a little busier. In the cool night breeze, eating the seafood barbecue, listening to the music and watching the moon rising from the sea in the distance, tourists will feel relaxed and pleased. This feeling is quite fabulous!

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