Bohol Island

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Bohol Island is the tenth largest island in the Republic of the Philippines. It is 70 kilometers (about 43.50 miles) away from Cebu and Mactan Island. Bohol Island is a coral island. The coral reef pieces are smashed by the sea water and became sands. Thus, through in the hot day, tourists can feel cool when they step onto the beach. There are many places of interest on Bohol Island such as the ancient churches, the Blood Compact Monument and the smallest monkey in the world, Tarsius Monkey which lives in the forest area.

The most famous place of interest on Bohol Island is the Chocolate Hills, sounding attractive. Due to the complicated geological movement, 1,268 conical hills came into being a ago time ago in the central part of Bohol Island. These hills range from 40 to 70 meters high. Because these hills are mostly rock hills, plants can hardly live on them. So, these hills seem bare, with small pats scattered in the brown hills. Thus, the Philippine people with rich imagination call these hills the Chocolate Hills. There are many beautiful legends about these hills, among which the most moving and romantic one is the legend of a giant named Arogo. Arogo was extremely powerful and youthful. He fell in love with Aloya who was a simple mortal. When Aloya was taking a bathing before she was going to get married, Arogo took her home by force. Unluckily, the ugly appearance of Arogo frightened Aloya and Aloya died because of the heart attack. Aloya's death left Arogo much pain and misery. In his sorrow he could not stop crying. When his tears dried, the Chocolate Hills were formed. And the body of the giant became a mountain around the Chocolate Hills. Climbing on one of the Chocolate Hills and looking around, you will find the scenery is imposing and gorgeous, with a feeling of sadness.

The most beautiful part of Bohol Island is the beach. There are two glistening swimming pool which are surrounded by some verdant trees and are connected by a small stone bridge. If you step forward, you will find the beach is ahead. The beach is silver white, on which some beautiful coral reefs, shells, hermit crabs and even some starfishes are scattered. Some lucky tourists can pick up many orange starfishes on the beach. When walking on the beach, you may find the sand moves suddenly. Looking carefully, you will find that it is a white dog lying on the white sands comfortably, sleeping. The beach is both white and smooth. Stepping on it, you will feel as if you are stepping on the flour, feeling quite comfortable. You can also choose to lie in the hammock hung between two coconut trees, casually watching the clear sea and the white boats. You can sit up, watching the sea and the sky melted into each other. You can spend an hour on the beach in enjoying the gorgeous scenery in the sea, watching the sky become dark and the color of the sea become dark. The color of the sea has some clear layers. The layer melted into the sky is dark blue, and the nearer layer is sapphire blue, and then peacock blue and greenish blue. The nearest layer is transparent. The layers are waving and waving, and becoming dark and dark. At last, when night falls, everything becomes silent. Only some tiny lights on fishing boats rise from the sea.

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