Magellan Cross

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Magellan's Cross is located on the Mactan Island, east of Cebu Island. In 1521, Portugal navigator Megellan began to preach Catholicis. On April 4th, Father Pedro Valderama baptized the first group of Philippine Catholic, including the clan leader Rajah Humabon, his wife Queen Juana and another four hundred local people. To memorize this grand religious ceremony, Magellan set up a Cross there in Cebu.

During the period from 1525 to 1740 A.D, monks from Agustinas Church built a chancel for the Cross in the open air. The local people believe that the Cross has a mysterious power. They thought that once they cut the Cross into small pieces and eat the pieces, their diseases can be healed. As a result, they took the skin of the Cross away. To protect this historic cultural relic, people built a pavilion to preserve Magellan's Cross on the way from Basilica Minore del Santo Nino to Fort San Pedro. Now, a hollow frame made of Tinadalo wood was used to keep it. There is a hexagon ceiling painting. This painting remains its original appearance and its color is still bright. Local people in Cebu have deep faith in Magellan's Cross and show great respect to this Magellan's Cross on which magnificent historic and cultural meanings are loaded. Every Sunday morning, a lot of devout men and women bringing joss sticks and candles will go there for worship, praying for bless and good luck.

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