Palawan Island

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Palawan Island is a narrow and long island located in the southwest of the Republic of the Philippines. It is located between the South China Sea and Sulu Sea. It has attracted an increasing number of tourists for its natural condition and explorations on the island. This Amazon-style forest inland area is the last ecological virgin land in the Philippines. In addition to the over a thousand islands around, Palawan Island is called the “Utopia on the sea”. Puerto Princesa is the capital city of Palawa. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is famous all over the world. Around Palawan Island, there are many big or small islands, providing an ideal place for diving fans and snorkeling fans. There are a number of well-known places for diving, such as Rita Island, Pandan Island, Panglima Islands and Tubbaraha Islands. Among them, Tubbaraha Islands is the best one to watch big turtles and birds. Palawan Island remains most of its original natural beauty with long history and colorful culture. There are 81 tribes with their own cultures on Palawan Island. Palawan Island is recommended by the Philippines government to those who love mountains, sea and forests and who want to avoid the hustles and bustles of the cities they live in.

There are about 1,769 islands on Palawan Island. If you do not like exploring and only want to relax yourself, you can go to the silver beaches. There are some fascinating silver beaches for tourists to get relaxed from Cowrie Island to La Isla Bonita and Nagusuan Island. Moreover, there are some exciting diving spots that can satisfy other tourists.

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