Puerto Galera

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Puerto Galera, meaning the bay of dolphins, is located on the Mindoro Island which is the biggest island in the southern part of the Republic of the Philippines. The weather there is good for tourists to go diving all the year round. Thus Puerto Galera is a famous tourist attraction in the Philippines for divers from all over the world. Due to the frequent appearance of the dolphins in this area, it got its name Puerto Galera (meaning the bay of dolphins). Puerto Galera is a marine nature reserve of the United Nations. In the year 2005, Puerto Galera was appraised and elected as one of the top ten bays in the world. Tourists can set off from Manila and take a bus which takes about two hours to get to the Batangas Quay. Then, they can take a kind of boat which was called “the crab boat” by local people, taking over 70 minutes to get to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is located in the Batangas Province on the Mindoro Island of the Philippines. It is the most valuable tourist attraction in this province. Due to its favorable natural conditions, Puerto Galera is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. People hail it as the pearl on the Mindoro Island. In Puerto Galera, there are white and glittering beaches, beautiful corral reefs and perfect places for diving. Both new divers and experienced ones all like to go to Puerto Galera for diving. At the same time, there are many more things that attract an increasing number of tourists there, such as the shallow corral reef park, the interesting rock stratums, the colorful sea food such as crabs, little shrimps, sea anemones and conger eels.

Underwater Diving: There are numerous attractive things to appreciate in the underwater of Puerto Galera. Having been the heaven of the sea creatures for many years, the coral reefs there are full of life and vitality. Fishing by spear is forbidden there and the local diving operators prohibit anyone from taking away anything from there except the photos they have taken. Most deep diving is along the walls and drop-offs. Due to the strong ocean currents, tourists had better dive in the company of some experienced diving experts in case of some emergencies. There are at least 16 diving centers on the Sabang Beach, Small Lalaguna Beach, Big Lalaguna Beach, Coco Beach and Encenada Beach. Tourists can go to these diving centers to ask for help and rent diving equipments.

Water Games: The beautiful beaches have attracted a number of swimming fans. If you can not swim, it is also a good place for you to play with the water at the shallows. People who are eager to seek publicity can try surfing and parasailing. Besides, they can also try diving or sailing under the directions of the local people.

Watching Stars: In Puerto Galera, there are many good places for you to visit. No matter what you like, watching stars and the moon on the sea, or appreciating the sky through the clouds, or enjoying the warm sunshine, you can always have a great time here. At night, remember to keep your eyes open because maybe you can see the shooting stars crossing the sky and enjoy a beautiful picture at any time. At dusk, when the sun is setting, you may lose yourself in the gorgeous light shone by the sun at the last minute.

Night Life: The life after sunset is still very exciting. Tourists can take a bottle of beer and enjoy the fireflies flying and dancing in the open air. In addition, tourists who love the quietness of the night can go for a walk on the beach in the moon light.

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