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Subic Bay in the Republic of the Philippine is hailed as the “little US in the east”. It was once used as the naval base of the United States Pacific Fleet. At present, it has successfully turned into a unique tourist attraction and special economic zone. When looking down at Subic Bay from a high position, people will find that the Subic Bay, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains, is as calm and beautiful as a picture. When developing its economy, Subic Bay has attached great importance on the environment protection. The tourist industry and the secondary industry are developing in harmony. There are many tourist attractions in Subic Bay, such as the trip to exploring the US military camps and ammunition depots, the trip to experiencing the primeval forest life, and the trip to enjoying the leisure time on tropical beaches. In Subic Bay, tourists can also visit the wildlife park, the sea world and Butterfly Park there.

Subic Bay is located in the southwest of the Luzon Island of the Philippines, 80 kilometers away (about 49.71 miles) from Manila which is the capital city of the Philippines. Subic Bay is an important harbor on the eastern coast of South China Sea. Subic Bay is 14 kilometers (about 8.70 miles) long and ranges from 8 kilometers (about 4.97) to 13 kilometers (about 8.08 miles) wide. The water there ranges from 24 to 50 meters deep. These prove that Subic Bay is a good natural harbor where a large wheel can anchor. The perfect natural condition makes Subic Bay an important bay. In the past centuries, it has been the place that all countries competed for. In 1898, the US beat Spain and occupied Subic Bay. From the year 1947, the US army began to transform Subic Bay into a comprehensive naval base that is capable for ground, naval and air fights. In September, 1991, the Philippine senate voted against the treaty which agreed the US to continue to use the naval base.

Since 1992, the Republic of the Philippines has strived to develop the local tourist industry based on the mountains, forests and beaches and the foreign trade and secondary industry based on the harbor. Now, naval vessels, firearms and camouflage clothing are rarely seen. Instead, there are forest park, Ocean Park, various entertainment and sports facilities and large industry zones. Besides, there are many kinds of rare birds, insects, and other kinds of animals living in the semitropical forests in Subic Bay. Tourist can also go hiking and exploring in the semitropical forests. Sunshine and beaches attract hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The golf course, velodromes, sports grounds and yacht clubs built in recent years have provided more choices for tourists. These infrastructures provide a superior opportunity for Subic Bay to hold many important sports events.

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