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Philippines Transport

Last updated by bosten at 2017/5/16

The transportation in Manila is quite convenient. No matter near or far, citizens are used to going out by car or bus. The public transportation in Manila includes light rail, buses and Jeppney. Due to its cheap price, Jeppney can get to every corner of the city. Jeppney is the most ordinary vehicle in Manila. It is a van-type jeep with calash. There are two rows of seats in a Jeppney, facing each other. Passengers can even say hello to each other when they get on or get off the Jeppney. Jeppney were first used to carry the US soldiers during the World War Two. It is an assembled jeep, using the components and parts of the old car. Its quality should be tested by the traffic office.

Manila Light Rail Transit System has two lines. The designs of the color of the two lines are different. LRT-1 is a yellow line, while LRT-2 is a purple one. Metro Rail Transit System has only one line, MRT-3, which is a blue line. The two rail transit systems run through most cities in Metro Manila. Manila Light Rail Transit System is the first light rail built in Southeast Asia, which was even 13 years earlier than the Metro Rail Transit in Singapore. The two Rail Transit Systems are quite convenient and the ticket price is quite low. This is one of the convenience-for-people measures carried out by the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.