Ailao Mountain

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The Ailao Mountain is on the juncture of Hengduan Mountains and Yungui Plateau and it acts as the divide between the western and eastern landform. The climate in this area is in a transitional belt between the south subtropical and central subtropical zones.

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Ailao Mountain scenic zone is located at the border of Zhenyuan County and Xinping County. it is located 110 km from Xinping downtown. In 1981 it was given the title of provincial natural reserve while in 1983 it became a national level nature reserve. Ailao Mountain is the closest nature reserve from Kunming. 

The Main Tourist Areas 

Ailao Mountain is a scenic zone which offers a huge range of animals and plants and it is also considered to be one of the best preserved community of plants in this area. Ailao Mountain was selected as an observation post for international migratory birds and forest ecosystem by the United Nations. It is a great place for ethnic culture experience, science research and ecological tourism. Some of the main tourist areas in Ailao Mountain are Jinshanyakou Forest, the Tea Horse Ancient Road and Shimen Valley.

Geographical Features 

Ailao Mountain is the branch of Yun Mountain and it was formed during the Building Period of Quaternary Himalaya Mountain. The river sinks when ground rises and this height disparity is quite prominent in the area. This is how the deeply cut topography was formed in the area. Ailao Mountain leans to southwest from northwest from the Sajiang River. The river and the mountain run parallel on the western side of Sajiang River where they are almost intertwined with one another.

The Mountains 

The mountains in the Ailao Mountain area are quite tall and the vales are very deep. The main peak here is the Dadi Rock which is located on the border of Zhenliu Town and Zheshi Village at an altitude of 31,659 meters. Daxueguo is the side mountain which is surrounded by mist and clouds. It has a large range of plants and species and is considered to be highly valuable for scientific research of geobiology and climate. It is the central location of the reserve and an important research and observation base for global scientists.

Xiaomaoer and DAmaoer Mountains 

The Xiaomaoer and Damaoer Mountains are quite tall. The bank of the river offers an ideal location for growing cereals as well as commercial crops because of its many rock formations and outfans. The eastern river area is a dissected topography which is good for growing subtropical fruits and Yunnan Pine. The Fuxian Lake is a great place for sun bathing.

A Natural Museum 

Ailao Mountain is currently the most well preserved, evergreen and extensive forest and is considered to be a national level protection area. Due to its advantageous and special natural conditions, it is considered to be a specimen garden, natural museum and a very rich source of biological resources.
It is also a very popular place for visitors who are interested in exploring nature, photography, adventure and expedition. Throughout the Ailao Mountain area, visitors can see beautiful terraced fields. These fields look picturesque and beautiful when viewed from a distance and are good photography subjects.

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The Ailao Mountain is located 90 km from Kunming.

How to Get There?

It takes around 75 minutes to reach Yuxi from Kunming. After arriving in Xinping, travelers can find buses for various scenic spots in Ailao Mountain from the Xinping Bus Station.

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15 CNY

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All Day

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