Meizi Lake Park

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Meizi Lake, located four kilometers southeast of Simao District of Pu’er City, used to be a reservoir. It was opened to the public as a park in the year 1982. The lake measures 3.5 kilometers long with an average depth of 15 meters. It covers a water area of 600 mu with 6.6 million cubic meters of water storage capacity.

Outside the gate of the park, there is a majestic aqueduct. Inside the park, there are small-scale zoos and holding ponds. The park is well served with entertainment facilities and surrounded by verdant trees on the lake side. As people climbed to the top of the hill, the lake and the hills add radiance and beauty to each other. In the lake, there are both automotive cruise ships and pleasure ships that can be pedaled. By the lake, there are some towers, pavilions, buildings of ancient style, long art corridor for poets, scholars and calligraphers and the multifunctional holiday resorts. 

The park, surrounded on four sides by verdant mountains, is full of the beauty of spring. Sailing on the lake, people will enjoy the scenery of the reflection of the mountains and trees in the clear water. During the nap in the pavilions, people can have a taste of pu’er tea. And have a taste of the hot and sour fish cooked with water of the lake is also a good choice.


According to the old tradition, Meizi Lake was a river a long time ago with lots of weeds along it. There lived a father and daughter near the bank of the river. The daughter was named Plum Blossom. It was said that they went there from far away. They planted a large number of plum blossom saplings along the river bank and were meticulous care of them every day. Not long after that, the plum blossom trees blossomed out beautifully, which attracted many people. There lived a local bully who always oppressed people in the upper reaches of the river near there. The bully had forced the beautiful girl, Plum Blossom, to be his concubine for many times, Of course, however, Plum Blossom didn’t comply with him. In a passion of rage, the bully killed Plum Blossom’s father. The girl was frantic with grief at the loss of her only family and jumped into the Meizi River with tears in her eyes in order to revolt against the bully. She would rather die than give in. After that, the petals of the plum blossom flaked away, which was just like tears of the plum blossom. It was not long before the leaves of the tree were dying off, and few survived. Some people said that the girl became a goddess. While some said that she became a mermaid and lived at the bottom of the river. In the rainy season, lucky people can see her appear out of water.

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located four kilometers southeast of Simao District of Pu’er City

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