Qian Nuo Buddhist Temple

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The temple is composed of dinning room, discipline room, monks' room, the hall and the gate in the up-middle of which was carved with the words "Qing Buddhist Temple" with the signature of "by Qian Long emperor of the Qing dynasty in spring". Built before 1778 with the area of 3960 square meters, the whole temple gives an impression of simple, graceful and local which is the typical structure style during the later Ming and early Qing dynast.

The most impressive thing is the hall which is the three-layered-eaves fence-styled structure with the red malmstone Buddhist's stature as the inner wall on which carved glorious patterns of folk stories. The wooden windows are exquisitely carved with special patterns like dragon and phoenix. What's more, the pool ahead of the temple and the trees around make the temple more attractive. Another Mang Dao Mian Temple in the east is also famous for its simple fresco whose patterns are painted with golden powder.

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How to Get There?

Transportation: There are buses to Jinggu county at the Simao station and then the minibus from Jinggu to Qiannuo Buddhist Temple directly.

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Opening Hours:
Open time: 8:00—17:00.

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Recommending touring time: for half a day.

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