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Tea Road was the "Silk Road" of the south for material communication and trade since the Tang dynasty and being glorious during the Qing dynasty and the Republic of China period which leads Puer to Kunming, Tibet, Lancang, Daluo, Burma, etc. The ancient Tea Road which promoted the brilliant tea business in Puer area is kept very well in three places. One of them is in Nakeli village, Tongxin county.

Another one is the Tea Road in Democracy Village , Fengyang county which is a stone path of 2 km long winding up the mountain in half primitive forest. The deep footprints of the horses in the path showed the hard days when people changing tea for horses and other needs. Walking up along the path, people will experience the danger and hardships of the Horse Group, groups of people who transported tea with horses.

The third one is the site in Peacock Patio, Mo Black Town which is about 10km with some horse stops alongside and the clear horse footprints, showing the prosperity of the Tea Road. The image of the scenery "bells ringing as the horse groups passing" was the real life before 1950s which can only be seen in the films now.

No bells, no horses, the road is so quite. However, the melodious bells and the beautiful songs are still vivid. Nowadays, the Puer people travel over the mountain, carrying the best tea by strong horses and go far away for trade in March every year.

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Transportation: It is convenient for people to go there from Simao by bus.

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Open time: the whole day.

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Kind reminder: Replaced by the modern transports, the horse group has disappeared, and so is the ringing bell.

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