The tropic of cancer marker park in Mo River

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The marker park is large not only for its area of 1500square meters, but also for the big get-together of astronomy, geography, plant, common scientific knowledge, gardening art and tourism culture. Taking the location of the tropic of cancer in the year 2038 as the mainline (North Latitude23°26′), people picked 500 meters of it and then add some architectural works and carves like "the road of the sun", "Braggadocio, miscalculating his strength, conceived the vain ambition of overtaking the fleeting rays of the sun", "the gate of the tropic of cancer", "sundial square", "the four seasons", etc.

This park creates a series of vivid space, helping people understand nature, life and sun through the science museum, telling the development of science, showing the exact geographical location of the tropic of cancer and its moving rule by advanced technological methods which make it possible for people to catch the tropic of cancer every year on summer solstice here.

The whole park mainly consists of eight scenic spots ordered from high places to low places as "Gate of coming back", "Road of the Sun", "Father of Kua who running after of the sun", "the Stone Formation", "Exceeding", "the Four Seasons", "the Ancient Sundial", and the "Marker House" which educates people of patriotic and scientific knowledge directly and also provides the tourists a graceful place for traveling and amusem.

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How to Get There?
Transportation: Buses from Simao to the park is quite convenient.

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Open time: 8:00—17:00

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Kind reminder: There will be a magnificent sight in a twinkling when the sun line falls on the tropic of cancer vertically on summer solstice (June, 21st or June, 22nd) every year.

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