Lang Ya Terrace

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Lang ya terrace is an erecting massif with a height of 183.4 meters and neighbors sea from three sides . Lang ya terrace is a famous scenic spot. In history the king of Yuen Kingdom, Gouging built the Lang ya terrace first. The story begun with the old transition time of Chunkier and Warring States in China history .(BC 770-BC 221). The king allied with  other kings of kingdoms at that time in China. And all of them promised to support the emperor of Zhou Dynasty-the nominal leader of the kingdoms. In the year BC 473, the king of Yue Kingdom, Goujian destroyed his enemy, Wu Kingdom, and changed his capital from Kuaji in Zhejiang Provinces to the city Lang ya in Shandong Province in order to unify China because Shandong Province is a central part in China at that time. The king of Yue Kingdom, Goujian built the Lang ya terrace. After the great emperor Yingzheng of Qin Dynasty(BC 221- BC 206) unified China he visited here and built Xanadu in Lang ya Mountain except his Xanadu in his central region in the west China at that time. At the end of West Han(BC 206-AD 23), Lang ya terrace was destroyed by an earthquake. In Ming Dynasty(AD 1368-AD 1644), at the top of the Lang ya terrace ,sea-god temple sun-god temple and other temples were built. At present ,the most precious cultural relic which was preserved to today is the Stone-Inscription of Qin Dynasty. There are total 496 characters in the Stone-Inscription and its contents are about the great achievement of the unification of China by the great emperor Yingzheng. The characters were written by Lee Si, the prime minister of Qin Dynasty at that time and his was a great intellectual in history. After too many of wars and other events , there are only an incomplete part of the Stone-Inscription preserved which has been deposited in today China History Museum. Now according the styles of Qin Dynasty, Xufu Palace, and scaling ladder of 152 meters and a suit of granite statues which present the picture of Xufu to find the supernatural beings to the sea for his emperor have been reestablished. Yue Building has also been reestablished. And the statue of the king Goujian is put there. The pavilion of the Stone-Inscription in Lang ya terrace is built at the relic of the Stone-Inscription. and there are duplicated pieces of the Stone-Inscription. At the north slope of Lang ya terrace, the Emperor Road of Yingzheng has been rebuilt again according to the description in an authoritative history book. And its length is 135 meters with 386 steps. The impression of the Emperor Road of Yingzheng is severely sober and elegant with characteristics of primitive simplicity. The relic print of rammer at that time is also judged now. the Stone-Inscription of Lang ya terrace is a China national treasure which is preserved in China History Museum.

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How to Get There?

Transportation of the scenic spot: by direct bus from Jiaonan Bus stop every half an hour one bus.

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8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

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(1) Some related fares: the tour guide will get his commission by the numbers of tourists. 40yuan(RMB) for one people to ten people; 60yuan (RMB) for eleven people to twenty people. 80yuan (RNB) for twenty one people to thirty people. Over thirty people, one tourist will be charged one Yuan. (RMB)

(2).regular tour activities: Xufu Festival which is used to remember the great travel to Japan led by Xufu with 3000 children together at that time is including operas about the travel and other cultural items. Longwan Beach Cultural Festival will be held at the Longwan Bathing Beach near the Lang ya terrace and its contents are including volley match on Beach, photography exhibition ,Longwan tour and others

(3).Special sight: watching China dragon. Because of the special geography and special climate factors, when southeast is over five levels, a dim shape of a China dragon will be observed at the Longwan Bend or in the clouds.

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