Taiqing Palace

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In its prosperous time, there are 9 great palaces,8 great temples, and 72 nunneries in Laoshan Mountain Tourism Zone. The present preserved Taiqing Palace Tao Temple is the largest one and also has the longest history. The another name for Taiqing Palace Tao Temple is Xiaqing Palace Tao Temple which was established at the beginning of North Song Dynasty(AD 960-AD 1127). In Taoism there are three levels for Tao, that’s “Yu Qing, Shang Qing and Tai Qing”. The meaning of Tai Qing”. is a super one and also means a heaven of supernatural beings. All the buildings of Taiqing Palace Tao Temple are made up of “Sangong Palace, Sanhaung Palace and Sanqing Palace”. However,the whole style is very simple and clear.

The series buildings of Sangong Palace are including double three yards forwards and backwards. There are two very old cypresses in Sanhuang Palace, which was planted in Han Dynasty(BC 206-AD220 ).And there is an old camellia in front of the Sanhuang Palace, whose height is 8.5 meters and width of the body is 1.78 meters ,which has been lived over 700 years. The camellia is a rare one in the world. In winter, in Taiqing Palace TaoTemple, the trees are green too and different flowers are blooming too. There was once a piece of white peony, whose height is near the eaves of the Palace. There are many scenic spots around the Taiqing Palace TaoTemple, like Shewnshui Spring, Longtou Yu, Stone Inscription and so on . there are possibilities to watch the sight of “flyaway mirage”. So the Taiqing Palace Tao Temple is a centre tour region. There are odd stones and cliffs and odd caves in Laoshan Mountain covered by clear springs and waterfalls. The roads are curved and uneven. So the famous writer Mr. Pu songling in Qing Dynaty(AD1644-AD 1911) wrote his story framed by the Laoshan Mountain as the background about those supernatural beings’ activities

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