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Qingdao Transport

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Qingdao 's Liuting airport is 32 kilometers from downtown. Liuting is a modern airport with domestic Flights serving more than 30 cities in China, as well as International flights to destinations such as Hong Kong , Macao, Tokyo and Osaka, Seoul and Singapore, among others.

The booking office for domestic flights: 29# Zhongshan Road (near the entrance of Hunan Road)


1. Tourists who do not go to the airport by taxi would be advised to catch the bus early, because the airport bus is not very large and cannot hold many passengers.

2.  When a tourist goes by taxi to Liuting airport, he should choose a taxi with a silvery roof. Taxis with yellow roofs from the Chengyang, Laoshan and other county districts are not allowed to take fares to downtown Qingdao. On the trip from the airport to downtown, if a passenger is charged 15 Yuan (RMB) for the fare, that means the driver is driving on the high quality Qingyin Highway into town, which costs more. In order to avoid being overcharged, it is advisable for a passenger to take a "Leifeng" Car or an "Example" Car. The fare for this kind of car is usually 80 Yuan (RMB from the airport to downtown).

Trains run everyday from Qingdao to these cities: Beijing , Shanghai , Jinan , Mt.Taishan, Heze, Yantai, Weihai, Wuchang, Nanchang , Xuzhou, Zhengzhou , Xi'an, Lanzhou , Xining , Chengdu , Taiyuan, Dandong, Tonghua and other cities. In total are 24 train lines. All trains will stop at Jinan Station except for trains from Qingdao to Zibo, Yantai and Weihai,

Qingdao Railway Station is located near 2# Tai an Road, near the famous Qingdao landing stage.

The booking office of Qingdao Railway Station offers ticket service from 430 - 2300 everyday.


If tourists go to Qingdao by train it is best to avoid taking a taxi from the Railway Station parking lot. This is because the taxi drivers will try to negotiate a long distance fare which they much prefer. Tourists can find short distance taxis on the streets rather than in the parking lot.

The Qingdao road system is quite well developed and features seven different highways .The main bus stations of Qingdao are the following:

Qingdao Bus Station: located in 2# Wenzhou Road

Qingdao West Bus Station: located in 46# Guanaco Road

Qingdao East Bus Station: located in Haerbin Road


1. Long distance buses from the above bus stations to other cities in Shandong Province or out of Shandong Province usually leave in the morning. However, buses from Qingdao to its affiliated subordinate cities leave frequently all day (for example, one bus every hour) 

2. . There are buses at the parking lot of Qingdao Railway Station, which go to Weihai, Yantai and Penglai. The bus with a fare of around 30 Yuan (RMB) to Yantai takes a little over 3 hours on a high quality highway; and the bus with a fare of 40 Yuan (RMB) to Weihai and Penglai takes about 4 hours, also on a high quality highway. If a tourist wishes to go to Jian City, the capital of Shandong Province, he can first go to the Qingdao Long Distance Bus Station by 5# trolley and catch the JiQing Highway Bus. The journey will take 4.5 hours .The fare of the bus from Qingdao to Jinan City is 79 yuan (RMB).

There are two international sea routes to Qingdao . They work regularly all year. Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the passenger transport sea boats go to Korean Inchon, and every Tuesday and Friday at 4:00 pm, the passenger transport sea boats go to Japan.


1.There is a regular sea line except on foggy days between Qingdao and Huangdao. The distance between the two cities is 84 kilometers via the Jiaozhouwan Highway. It only takes 20 -30 minutes by sea. For common boats, the first boat goes at 6:30 am and the last one is at 9:00 pm. It sets off every half hour and the price is 6 Yuan (RMB); for high-speed boats, the first boat goes at 7:10 am and the last one is at 6:30 pm. These boats leave the slip every 20 minutes for a fare of 8 Yuan (RMB). For the high-speed boats between Qingdao and Xuejiadao (Ann's Port), the first boat goes at 7:00 am and the last one is at 6:10 pm, leaving every half hour.

2.The sea tour port on Laiyang Road is near the north of the China navy museum and there are lines from there to Xiaoqing Dao, Luxun Park and Taipingjiao. Many tourists are interested in this activity. The tour port of Zhongyuan Sea Plaza is in the Xilingxia Road and from the port, there are not only lines for a panoramic seashore tour of Qingdao downtown, but also tour lines from the port to two small islands (Zhuacha Island and Dagong Island) in the Yellow Sea.


The initial fare for a taxi is 8 Yuan (RMB), and this fare covers 4 kilometers (and an affiliated fuel tax per trip). The taxi fare will increase up to 1.2 Yuan (RMB) every kilometer beyond the first 4 kilometers. And the taxi fare will add up to 1.5 Yuan (RMB) every kilometer beyond the first 4 kilometers from 10:00 pm to the next morning at 5:00 am.


1.There are many one-way streets, which influences Qingdao taxi routes. There are possibilities through an indirect route to a terminal when a tourist chooses to takes a taxi. Knowing the characteristics of transportation will decrease the chances of quarrelling over a taxi fare.

2. On the whole, the service of Qingdao taxis is excellent. There have been only a few overcharged incidents reported, so tourists should feel free to hire taxis at will.

3. The downtown of Qingdao is not very large. It will only cost a little over10 Yuan (RMB) from the west Railway Station to the bus station in Sifang District.


The bus service in Qingdao is very convenient. The ticket service is done through auto selling. Buses are generally new and clean. The usual fare is 1 Yuan (RMB), 2 Yuan (RMB) for air-conditioned buses. Bus routes 26, 201, 202, travel along the seaside and pass the famous sights like Eight Great Passes and Landing Stage of Qingdao, among many. The tour buses leave from Qingdao Railway Station or Qingdao Ferry Company.


1. Buses are the most important transportation vehicles in Qingdao. Qingdao roads are usually uneven so there are few bicyclists or motorcyclists, most people take the bus.

2.. The most convenient way is to take air-conditioned tour buses when tourists come to Qingdao There are three lines of the particular air-conditioned tour buses with professional tour guides. And buses like Route 316 only travel along the seaside, so if a tourist spends 2 yuan (RMB) to take the bus he will enjoy all of the sights along the seashore.

3. Because there are so many bus routes, a tourist should feel comfortable asking the local residents for help when he does not know which route to take.