Qinghai History

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The History of Qinghai

The Governor of Guangdong Province and Guangxi Province -Chenchunxuan proposed to set up Qinghai Province in the thirty-third year of the reign of Guanxu in the Qing Dynasty (1907). In 1916, Maqin was in charge of the army and government of Qinghai and he was ambitious to set up Qinghai Province; his staff proposed to take the jurisdiction of the guard official of Ganbianning into Qinghai Special Administrative Region like Rehe and Chahaer for further exploitation and construction. This proposal was presented to Beiyang Government by the governor of Gandu, but it wasn’t approved. So the proposal of setting up Qinghai Province was set aside. Until militiaman controlled the situation of the northwest of China, Qinghai was set up to be a province. The Guoming Government Chose Nanjing for the capital of China, Jiangjieshi became chairman of the Guoming Government and Fengyuxiang took the position of Vice President of Executive Yuan in August, 1928. In order to consolidate and expand his power in the northwest, settle down his generals, and strengthen his comprehensive powers, Fengyuxiang planed to set up Qinghai and Ningxia to be provinces, which originally were under jurisdictions of Gansu Province. Fengyuxiang took the excuses: Qinghai is very important for national defense; Qinghai and Ningxia are far away from the capital of Guansu Province, so it is not convenient for communication and development. The Minister of the Interior in Nangjin Guoming Government of that time-Xuedubi, who was Fengyuxiang’s staff, filed the bill and it was decreed that Qinghai and Ningxia were set up to be provinces on 17th, September, 1928. Temporarily there are five government committee members and there are four departments, departments of education, finance, civil administration and construction. A resolution was approved by No.159 conference of Guomingdang Central on 17th, October, 1928. The resolution prescribed that the seven counties (Xining, Datong, Zhanbo, Barong, Xunhua, Huangyuan and Guide) which belonged to Xining Dao of Guansu Province and the places (29 Qi of Mongolia, 25 ethnic groups of Yushu, 8 ethic groups of Huanhai, Guoluo, etc) which were under the jurisdictions of Qinghai Official belonged to Qinghai Province, and Xining became the capital of Qinghai Province. Guansu Province, Qinghai Province and Ningxia Province submitted a report to Guoming Government at the same time in January, 1929 that the administrative powers from Guasu Province to Qinghai Province and Ningxia Province were executed by newly-built provinces since 1st, January. The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949 and the capital of Qinghai Province was still in Xining. 

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