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Qinghai Weather

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/8


Qinghai forms a distinctive plateau continental climate because of the interactions of the factors, such as, its elevation, its terrain, its latitude, its geographic location, atmospheric circulation, etc. It is long but not cold in winter, short and cool in summer, and four seasons change obscurely. The local distributions of the temperature vary wildly; vertical changes are distinctive; the precipitation varies in different area, and the rainfall always concentrates in some seasons.

The Best Time for Traveling

The best time for traveling in Qinghai is in the short summer, namely from May to September. In the middle of May, the grassland becomes green by and by, various kinds of migratory birds fly to Qinghai Lake, glacier and snow melt, and the plateau comes into a lively age. July is the hottest month in Qinghai Province, at the time, the temperature of Chaerhan District in Caidamu Basin can reach to 36℃; while the eastern part of Qinghai Province is cool and it is a great place to spend summer holiday; the tourists who will travel in the southern part of Qinghai Province (Yushu, Wudaoliang, and the mouth of Mt. Tanggula) should still pay extra attention to protect against cold. 

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