Confucius Six Arts City

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Confucius Six Arts City in Qufu is a large cultural tourism city, based on “the Six Arts” (rites, music, archery, charioteering, reading and writing, and arithmetic), which was what Confucius taught and advocated then, with the aim of expanding excellent Chinese traditional culture. The city was combined with both knowledge and interest by using the modern technological construction. There are eight sights in it: “the large copper carving of “Confucius’ traveling in various states” reproduced the scene that Confucius brought his disciples like Yan Hui back high-spiritedly. “ Courtesy Hall”, covering an area of 2500 square meters, is a large-scale microform sight made up of military forces, chariots, characters and halls, which reproduced the scene that King Zhou ascended the throne and reviewed troops, very vivid and grand. “Book Hall”, with very tall gingkos in it, is of primitive simplicity and elegance. Inside, you can see the vivid scene that 72 wisdoms perseveringly studied in Apricot Altar after Confucius set it, very inspiring. “Charioteering Hall” has archaized oxcart from which you can follow Confucius’ footprint to see the ups and downs of various states in Spring and Autumn Period while experiencing Confucius’ frustration and hardships during the traveling in various states for 14 years. “Music Hall” is very refined, where you can listen to various musics and enjoy colorful dancing of the time, very romantic. Besides, there are also excitive “Rediating Hall” and mysterious “Number Hall”, where you can get enlightened from the sages and appreciate the profoundness of Confucius’ thought. In this way, not only can you draw the cream of traditional culture, but you can experience exquisiteness of modern art.

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