Weishan Lake

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Weishan Lake, famous for the film “Guerilla in Railway” shot here, is 150 kilometers long from the south to the north, and 6 to 20 kilometers wide from the east to the west, which is made of four connected lakes, i.e. Weishan, Zhaoyang,Dushan and Nanyang lakes. It holds the water resources from Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Henan provinces, with over 40 rivers converging here, which have formed the biggest freshwater lake in the south of China. Jing-Hang Great Canal runs though the whole lake and it is still open to navigation.

 Weishan Island is No.1 Island in the lake, with many cultural relics. There are beautiful scenery, rich resources and many scenic spots here and it is a large natural park, well-known “One City and Two Hometown”, i.e. the city of water lily as well as the hometown of water in the north and guerilla in railway. Within Weishan Lake, the rich and unique natural resources like the lake, the mountain, the island, the forest, water lily marshes and reed marshes all form a natural beauty of both wildness and heartthrob. Phoenix Mountain and Taohua Mountain is neighboring with the lake, with lakes and mountains as well as forest and spring altogether. It has broad water, moderate climate and rich aquatic resources, among which the grandest one goes to the 100,000 acres water lily on the lake. Every summer, the water lily contends in beauty and fascination, very fragrant and refreshing.

 Weishan has a long history and lots of historic sites.  Many moving stories and legendaries go around in Nanyang ancient town. The historic sites here include: Weishan Island Sanxian Tomb, Liangcheng Fuyi Mausoleum, Fuyi Temple, Luqiao Zhongzi Temple, Mapo Liangzhu Tomb, etc. Sanxian Tomb is located on Weishan Island, including: Yingweizi Tomb, Chunqiu Muyi Tomb and Han Zhangliang Tomb; Weishan Lake got its name from the man named Weizi who was cousin of Emperor in Yin Dynasty. Due to Emperor Yin’s misgoverning, Weizi expostulated many times thus got no acceptance, so he was too angry to leave and was buried in Weishan Island after the death. Afterwards, it was called Weizi Mountain or Wei Mountain. Weishan Lake came into being since it formed next to Weishan Mountain; international calligraphy forest of steles is in the east of culture garden, very grand and elegant. Weishan Lake is drawing the attention of more and more tourists both at home and abroad because of its unique natural scenery, humanities scenery and customs.

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