Western Island (Hawksbill Island)

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The seawater amusement center on The Western Island off the coast of Sanya collects various forms of sea entertainment and sports from all over the world.  It aims at building a holiday paradise full of tropical beauty, excitement, and amusement with an activity area of 46 square kilometers on the South China Sea because of the good condition of the natural environment on the island.

The Western Island is also called Hawksbill Island. Located far away from the city, the seawater has very little pollution and the view from the island is very charming.  The air is very fresh, the beach is very soft, and the seawater is very limpid. Plenty of coral  grows in the waters around the island as well as a rainbow of tropical fish swimming in the sea in a huge ecosystem, thus it is an ideal place for leisure and vacation.

Fishing on the Western Island

At present, the entertainment activities found at the amusement center are fishing, diving, boating, water-skiing, parasailing, yachting, banana boating, strolling on the sea, and sightseeing in a glass-bottomed boat. Located on the eastern sea area of the island, the fishing club is the biggest and the best one in Sanya which has many terraces for fishing, the largest being 200 square meters with a capacity for more than 100 people. Boxes are available along the fishing terraces for tourists to enjoy the beautiful music and to taste the wonderful tea while experiencing fishing. What's more, a fishing master is on hand to give visitors any instruction when necessary.

It is a wonderful experience to cook fresh fish soup with the fish caught on the spot or process them in the restaurant of the island. Hundreds of handy and good fishing tackle is provided by the club for you on the terraces. Thanks to more than ten thousand fish nests placed on the sea area around the terraces, plenty of fish gather and propagate here including seacarp, golden squama fish, garfish, zebra fish. In addition, the amusement center also provides tourists with luxury yachts of 16, 7, and 5 seats to further satisfy their curiosity so that they can enjoy fishing on a larger sea area and at a longer distance.

Diving on the Western Island

The western area is special for diving. Hundreds of imported facilities and more than 30 famous diving coaches are ready to provide their best service for the guests at any time. The depth of the water is 10 to 20 meters with high visibility.
Submerged beauty being the island's forte, tourists can view the beautiful antler coral, coronal coral, lion fish, buffoon fish, herring, fairy fish and other tropical fishes, as well as submarines like starfish, actinia, echinus, whelk, making it a place for amazing diving indeed.
In the northwest of the island, the sand beach is very large and soft and is the main place for all kinds of sea sports. Here, tourists have various choices providing with necessary safe and interesting facilities, including motor boating, water-skiing, parasailing, yachting, banana boating and so on.

After amusing themselves in as many ways as they like, tourists can return to the local favor restaurant of an area of 900 meters by the sea in the amusement center to enjoy seafood and Hainan local food. Still, they can continue their journey at night by staying in the hotel which is rebuilt from a huge ship and joining in various night activities like night fishing, night diving, camp-fire party on the beach, an experience of returning to the nature.

Yacht with 4 seats and ferryboat with 70 seats operating between the pier and the Western Island are provided by the amusement center to receive and sent tourist.

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How to Get There?

It is about 8 kilometers away from Sanya city, and takes 25 minutes’ ride from the city, and 15 minutes from the pier of the pearl breed aquatic works by boat.

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8:00 – 17:30

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Recommended time for tourists:2 days

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