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Chitling Like Rice Noodles

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/20

Rice that has been stored for half a year is selected and is pestled into plasm and then steamed into thin pieces which are rolled into the shape of chitling. As to the accompanying ingredients, red sugar is sliced into pieces and then put into the water with sweet or salty sauce, orange skin powder and flicium powder. And then it is boiled for several hours with small fire. After all this is done, the rice wine vinegar locally made, garlic and cooked peanut oil are accompanied with fired shrimp rolls, fried peanuts, baked pork and shallot puddings. Before being ready be served, the chitling like rice noodles are cut into small burls and put in the bowl and added the ingredients listed above in order. After being mixed well, it tastes fragrant and smooth.