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Phoenix Airport went into service on July1, 1994. According to the data collected in 2001, the passenger handling capacity of the airport ranked No.29 among 143 airports in the country. At present, it has opened 106 Flights . Among them, 103 are national direct flights, 3 are international constant flights, and more than 20 flights are temporal tourism charter flights. Thus, it connects with altogether 63 cities, including 38 national cities and regions and 23 international cities.

Sanya Airport

Sanya Phoenix Airport

Located 11 kilometers away form Sanya city in the northwest, the airport is surrounded by famous landscapes, with the romantic Sanya Bay and Luhuitou in the east, the well-known“Tianyahaijiao”in the west, the green Phoenix Mountain in the north and the vast South Sea in the south.

Transportation to the airport: it is convenient for you to go to the city urban from the airport since there are buses at the airport exit which cost you 10 yuan and finally stop at the Jiefang 1 Rd in the urban area. You can ask the driver to stop at your hotel if you stay at Sanyawan; you can take Taihe No.102 tourism bus at 5 yuan if you stay at Sanyawan; and you can take No.2 and No.4 buses at 1 yuan to the urban area if you stay at Dadonghai. Also, you can take a taxi to the downtown at the airport exit by bargaining with the driver for a reasonable price which is normally about 30 yuan. You are suggested to tell the driver to take the Binhai road, so that you can enjoy the amazing landscape of the “Coconut Tree Dream Corridor”.

Consultant number:0898-88289114

Other:the Phoenix Airport has a favorable policy of 15-day visa exemption.

With Sanshi ( Sanya -Shilu) railway going through 4 counties and cities in Hainan , the Haicha ( Haikou -Chahe) railway is under construction which will enable passengers go to Sanya by train. In 2002, the passenger handling capacity of the railways in the city is 26,000 people and the freight capacity is 373,000 tons.

The Sanya Railway Station situated in the urban area, it is relocated by the government for it crosses many scenic spots and the new one is under construction and will be put into service in 2006 if it goes well. The new railway will enable passengers to go to Sanya from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou everyday.

Other: since the railway station has been moving to other place, the consultant number is not available at the present.

There are three main lines leading passengers to every corner of the province, namely the east line, the west line and the middle line with the first two had been put into service. Each day, the number of coaches departed from Sanya Passenger’s Station to other counties and cities in Hainan reaches a hundred.

With the head station being located at No.16, Jiefang 2 Rd, passengers can take coach to go other places here. The through coaches running between Sanya and Haikou will depart every 20 minutes with the earliest one leaving at 7:00a.m and the latest one leaving at 11:00p.m. Two kinds of coaches, the luxury ones and the common ones are at your choice. In addition, about 20 long-distance coaches are available for you to go to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces everyday. 

Consultant number:0898-88272440

Port: Sanya Port is the first-class opening port for passengers and goods at the state’s approval, which connects 30 ports in 24 seashore counties in Asia, Europe, North American and Latin American. As one of the most luxury steamships in the world, the Lion Star has opened the regular line Hongkong- Sanya- Vietnam. It can operate at a speed of 241 marine per hour and contain 1960 people with 983 guest rooms.


Transportation in Sanya is very convenient. The buses will lead you to every counties and regions in the city as well as every scenic spots and areas. Their main line is from Dadonghai to Minhang station with a distance of 10,000 meters. The bus will stop at the stations in intervals of about 500 meters or at your waving. Besides, new tourism lines had been opened from the city center to Yalong Bay, the End of the Earth and the Corner of the Sea and Nanshan Cultural Tourist Zone. Buses running on these lines every hour mainly are No.2 and No.4 buses at the cost of 1 to 4 yuan mainly.


Sanya has altogether more than 1000 taxis with a round sign symbolizing Sanya city on the car top and of different brands, mainly including Santana, Jetta and Xiali, thus can provide passengers with sound service. Paying RMB5 for the taxi cost, you can get to the city center but to the scenic spot you should bargain with the taxi driver first. Generally speaking, from city center you have to pay RMB25 to Sanya Bay, RMB10 to Dadonghai beach and RMB 50 to Yalong Bay.

It is a good choice to rent a car and drive around Hainan Island. Haiqi Self-driving Co, Ltd in Hainan has lots of cars and minibuses of 30 kinds for renting, varying from the most economical Xiali to the most luxury Benz with a daily rent of ranging from RMB160 to RMB1500 yuan and a deposit of ranging from RMB2,000 to RMB20,000. Some limousines are usually driven by chauffeurs

Consultant number: 0898-31885621


Normally you are able to book a car at the front desk of all Hotels in Sanya as well as enjoy the free car delivery service. You can rent a car at Haikou and return it at Sanya or vice verse. The car returning places are as follows:

Haikou: Meilan Airport Hotel at the west side of departure building in the Meilan Airport

Sanya: at the first floor, Building B in Yangguang Villa, west Donghe road.

The company can provide you with a driver in the condition that you pay the driver RMB50 each day and either bear his expenses on room and board or pay another RMB100 each day. By the way, the driver can also serve as a good guide.

Keep in mind that the renting car can only run in Hainan province. After you have return the car, RMB500 will be kept as ticket deposit which will be given back to you in 15 working days if there is no record of regulation violations

Recommended self-driving:

Sanya is the most suitable city to drive the open cars in the country. Driving an open car along the famous Peanut Tree Dream Corridor on the Binghai Avenue from south to north, you can listen to the sound of the seawater, breath in the fresh air and view the beautiful sea scenery. what a wonderful experience! The whole journey from the beginning to the end of the road at Sanya Bay will take you about 30 minutes. Moreover, there are many kinds of delicious seafood for you to choose and vocational villages for you to see on the way, so that you can eat when you are hungry and have a rest when you are tired.


Sanya has many motor tricycles and motorbikes operated illegally which will run about ignoring the safety of passengers or even letting drop passengers whenever there are traffic policemen, so you are not advised to take them. What’s more, motor tricycles are prevented from operating in the urban area. So we suggest again you not to choose them as your main traffic tool during your trip.

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