Shaanxi Festivals

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Xi'an Ancient Cultural and Artistic Festival

Xi'an Ancient Cultural and Artistic Festival is a large-scale cultural and tourism festival in Xi'an. It started from 1990 and was held once in each September. It opens at the same time with Xi'an international economic, technique and trade meeting, and lasts for 7 days, with lots of good and colorful activities. In 1998 it was changed into the name of "Xi'an ancient cultural, art and tourism festival, which gathers the cream of Shaanxi folk arts, with very rich and colorful programs, among which the most attractive ones are: imperial honor guard, large-scale imperial skyrocket, traditional festivities performances in the street, large-scale arts programs, art and literary circles of ancient walls, folk handicraft display, etc.

Silk Road Xi'an Rampart International Marathon Contest

Silk Road Xi'an Rampart International Marathon Contest is a tourism product of Xi'an tourism administration in recent years. It is held on Xi'an ancient walls in each November and is divided into: 5-kilometer, 10-kilometer, half-way marathon. It is grouped with international tourists, representative of friends, foreign group organizations and Xi'an citizens for the purpose of the communication between Xi'an and the outside of the world.

Activities during the Festivals

The festival activities in Xi'an started in West Zhou Dynasty and after the enrichment and development in the previous dynasities, it has become one of the important traditional physical cultures, very popular. It mainly includes: the dancing and singing, chess games and pleasure trip during spring festival; activities around festival of lanterns, including: playing traditional festivities, acrobatics, martial arts performance, watching light shows, etc. "visiting hundred sickness" on Jan.16th, mainly for women or the old in the countryside of Xi'an; going for a walk in the country in spring on Feb.2nd; play with the swing, kite or outing on Tomb-sweeping Day; from February to March, the sideshow, martial arts performance in the county temple fair; on May.5th dragon boat contest; from June to August activities of passing the summer in a leisurely way, arts performance and weekend fishing in each park; on Jul. 7th watching Milk Road with Qianniu Star and Zhinv Star; on Mid-autumn Day (on Aug.15th) watching the moon; on Sept.9th ascending the mountain and watching chrysanthemum. There is also the hundred-day-running around spring festival.

Xi'an Terracotla Warrior Guava Festival

Lintong of Xi'an is the hometown of Terracotla Warrior, and the producing area of guava as well. In autumn, it is the midseason for tourism, when the red guava catches your eyes in the sunshine, which is very impressive. While Xi'an terracotla warrior guava festival combines these two in a very smart way, thus it can satisfy the tourists both in material and spirit. Terracotla warrior guava festival is held in Lintong in each mid-September (lasts for one week) and it main activities include: visiting terracotla, touring Huaqing Pond and Guifei Shower, visiting ten thousand acre guava garden and degusting guava, ignition ritual in Lishan beacon tower, etc.

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