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Shaanxi Weather

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/15

Shaanxi is located in the transitional belt between the wet area in the south-east and the dry area in the north-west, and has a continental climate. Due to the influence of the complex landform, it is quite different from the south to the north. The oess plateau in the north of Shaanxi has a temperate climate and half-dry area so it has got relatively lower average temperature. The Guanzhong area belongs to the warm temperate zone and half-wet area, and has very distinctive seasons: in autumn it rains continuously and in summer it is hot and rainy. Every summer has some days that are extremely hot. The south of Shaanxi has relatively high average temperatures and has a semi-tropical climate: in winter it is warm; in summer and autumn it rains a lot, sometimes even has rainstorms. After October the precipitation stop rapidly and bring very nice weather with little rain or snow.

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