Shandong Festivals

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Weifang Kite Festival

Weifang kites enjoy a centuries-old history and are famous for the refined workmanship and beautiful designs; and they are easy to take off and can fly evenly in the sky. Yangjiabu Village, 15 km northeast of the Weifang city proper is the hometown of kites. Yangjiabu kites are even more widely renowned for its fine handwork and elaborate designs, which can also fly high and steady.

Weifang International Kite Festival is held in Weifang from April 20 to 25 every year. During the festival, there will be rich and varied events of traditional folk arts. For example, the exhibition of traditional folk festival lanterns are quite vivid and lively with various colors and different shapes under the curtain of night; the national fireworks will make you thrilled and excited with much admiration for the excellent skill of setting off, which can recur the scene of historic drama stories. Besides, there will be a concert during the festival at which a lot of film stars or singers bring some excellent performances and make you inebriated in the music.  

Qingdao International Beer Festival

Qingdao International Beer Festival is a large-scale state-level festive event for the people of the whole city. Having beers as a medium to contribute to reaching negotiation of business and trade, tourism, science and technology, culture, and sports, the festival promotes the friendship and economic and cultural exchanges between people from all over the world. Besides, it lays emphasis on Qingdao's own feature, i.e. giving prominence to the public recreation.

The festival lasts for 22 days (from July 8 to July 30). When the festival is coming, the Beer City becomes a place of boundless joy with great dins of drums and trumpets. There are spectacular fireworks shows on the sea at different heights, together with a great parade made up of by military bands, ethnic tropes, and arrays of colorful flags, balloons, and festooned vehicles. Tourists can indulge themselves in beers of many brands from all over the country. Meanwhile other activities like "Summer of Qingdao" Art Show, sports competitions, professional seminars, sand sculpture contests, and exhibitions of calligraphy and paintings will be held during the festival. So this is an occasion for people all over the world to get together to communicate and drink joyfully and contentedly.

2008 Qingdao Olympics Sailing Regatta

When people of the whole world removed their attention from Olympic Mountains, they have began to watch closely the ancient Great Wall of China, the vigorous and flourishing Beijing and his co-host city of 2008 Olympics, Qingdao. The International Olympic Committee has chosen the beautiful coastal city---Qingdao as the host city of 2008 Olympics Sailing Regatta. For the moment, Qingdao is making every effort to make itself the world's capital of sailing boats. The Clipper International Sailing Regatta round the world held by Britain has taken Qingdao as a pause station; the "American Cup" Sailing Regatta, which is famous for its luxury, will pause at Qingdao; a huge sailing boat named "Qingdao" is engaged in various campaigns to improve the influence of Qingdao and to make it the capital of sailing boats. The Olympics unites the whole world, and the fame of Capital of Sailing Boats makes Qingdao more widely renowned throughout the world.

Qufu International Confucian Festival

The China Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival is one of the most well known Chinese tourist festivals designated by the State Tourism Administration. It is held every year during the period from September 26th to October 10th by the local government of Qufu City. Actually, the birthday of Confucius comes also during this period. The city of Qufu, which is the hometown of Confucius and another famous ancestor of the Chinese people---the Yellow Emperor, is situated in Shandong Province. Qufu is nowadays a famous historical and cultural city in China and the Confucius Culture Festival has been held here by annually since 1984.

During the festival, various activities are held to celebrate this great event, such as the ceremony of Confucius worship, intercultural exchanges among people from different countries, sightseeing, academic meetings, and economic and trade conferences, making the festival various, interesting and ceremonious. The opening ceremony of this festival is held on September 16th in quite a solemn and splendid way. On September 28th, there is a big assembly to offer sacrifice to Confucius in front of the Confucius Hall. More activities are held at the ceremony to express people's love and respect to the great master of philosophy, thinking and education.

Nowadays the Confucius Culture Festival has been regarded not only as a pageant to commemorate the world-famous philosopher, but also a stage to introduce the splendid Chinese culture to the whole world. Meanwhile, the friendship between China and the world have been further strengthened.

Penglai Fishing Light Festival

The Fishing Light Festival is also called the Festival of Fishermen or Sea Worship Festival. It was originally a hilarious festival celebrated by the Fishermen to offer sacrifice to the sea and wish for peace, safety and good luck. Nowadays the festival has been developed into a ceremonious tourism event accompanied by abundant leisure activities, such as offering sacrifice to boats and the Goddess of Sea, making Fishing Light, setting off fireworks, dancing, clanging gongs and beating drums, and releasing Fishing Lights or floating bottles on the sea.

The Fishing Light Festival is a special folk event in the Fishing villages of Penglai area, Yantai City, Shandong Province. The ancestors of the local fishermen began to live here from the Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644AD). With a long history of six hundred years, the custom of releasing Fishing Lights has actually begun since the people started their Fishing activities. To celebrate this important occasion, a few days before the festival, the local fishermen begin to hang colorful flags on the masts of their boats, and stick Chinese couplets on the head of the boat to wish for good luck and safety whenever they go fishing on the sea. Sometimes a piece of paper written with a big Chinese character "Fu" (means happiness in Chinese) is also stuck on the bow, cabin door and stern of the boat. The fishermen living by the seaside of Penglai area offer sacrifice to Dragon King and Goddess of the Sea. When they go fishing or some important festivals come, they will held their worship activities such as setting off firecrackers, burning incenses and fake money, and clang gongs and beat drums, in the hope that everything could get well. On the first and the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the children of the fishermen always pray at the seaside for their parents who are still fishing outside. The Fishing Light Festival is celebrated on the thirteenth and fourteenth day of the first lunar month in Shanhou and Yuyang areas of Penglai County, Shandong Province. During this period, the fishermen in these two places all come to the seaside to offer sacrifice to their boats, release Fishing Lights for the Dragon King, light firecrackers and hold their own recreational activities in order to pray for a good fishing harvest and forever safety. Birthday candles are often used to make the lights; and birthday candles are fixed on the pedestals those are made from radishes or carrots. The Fishing Light Festival is actually a festival separated from the traditional Chinese Light. And it is celebrated particularly by the fishermen by the seaside and characterized by their own fishing styles. The festival is celebrated in a most ceremonious way in the six villages of Jijiazhen Town of Penglai Area, including Chunwang Village, Lijiazhuang Village, the Chenjiazhuang Village, Sunjiazhuang Village, the Gujiazhuang Village and Luyang Village. These six villages are located quite close to each other but they celebrate the Fishing Light Festival at different times. Three of them including Chuwang Village celebrate the festival on the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, and the other three celebrate it one day later.

International Mt. Tai-Climbing Festival

Since the year of 1987, the International Mt. Tai- Climbing Festival has been held in Sept. every year. The major large-scale event during the festival is the grand mimic ceremony of the emperor's conferring honorific title to Mt. Tai. Besides, there are also other events like the exhibition of paintings and calligraphy, bonsai and root sculptures. During the previous International Mt. Tai- Climbing Festivals, the awards were divided into three groups - seniors, middle-ages, and youth, and prizes were awarded to the first three participants from each of the following groups, i.e. the international group, the domestic group and the representative group of Tai'an city. There are also the group awards for the female and male group respectively, and the record-breaking award. Athletes and groups who get the top three will be awarded certificates, prizes or trophies.

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