Fengjing Ancient Town

Fengjing Ancient Town – a Historical and Cultural Town Famous in China

Fengjing ancient town is a well-preserved water town with a 1,500-year history, located southwest of Shanghai. There are 29 perpendicular streets and 48 lanes in the town, covering 48,750 square meters.



  • Transport: From Shanghai, take the metro line 1 to Jinjiang Park Station. After that, walk to the Shanghai Southwest Bus Station and take a bus on the Fengmei Line to Fengjing Pailou. The 1.5-hour journey costs about 16 yuan.
  • History: over 1,500 years
  • Visiting time: half a day, 4 hours
  • Suitable for: all people
  • English signs: not many
  • Features: streets, lanes, corridors, and bridges

Explore the Highlights

The Old Long Corridor


Fengjing corridor

At a length of 268 meters, the corridor is one of the longest in all the Jiangnan water towns. Stores, restaurants and houses line up on one side of the corridor, while there is a long river on the other side. With an old-style appearance, it shelters people from rain and sunshine.

The Site of the East District Fire Station

The East District Fire Station was founded at the beginning of the Republican period (1912–1949 AD). It’s a western-style building with a red gate, and several old encampments displayed in the hall.

The Zhao Jinzhi Golden Keys Collection

Zhao Jinzhi is a key collector. He has collected over 20,000 keys, 3,000 of which are displayed in the museum. The keys vary in shape, size and material. Visitors can view the oldest key of the world in the museum.

The Zhihe Bridge

As the oldest bridge in town, the Zhihe Bridge is also a temple. At one end of the bridge stands a statue of the child-giving Guanyin, a goddess of Buddhism. Many people have prayed there since it was built during the Song dynasty (1127–1279 AD).

The China Peasantry Painting Village

The China Peasantry Painting Village is a good place for appreciating folk art, such us folk paintings, paper-cuts, embroideries and wooden engravings.


Xunlasi: Made of smoked, marinated toad meat.
Wuyue tofu: Braised bean curd cut into two pieces, with mince added between the pieces.
Tianluoniang: Big snail-shells filled with mince.



Pig's feet

Yellow wine: Since the 1930s, Fengjing has become an important place in the production of yellow wine.
Dingti: This is a dish of pigs’ feet with 8 complex cooking procedures. The meat stays fresh; fat but not greasy.
Zhuangyuan jelly: This is a kind of dessert made of sticky rice, with various flavors.

Essential Guide and Planning Tips

Ticket Prices

CNY 80 per person (CNY 50 for Jingfeng Ancient Town, CNY 30 for the China Peasantry Painting Village)

Openning Hours

8:00–17:00 from May to September
8:00–16:30 from November to April

Average Cost of Restaurants in Town

CNY 50 per person


  • 1. There are a few hotels in town. It is worth spending a night to appreciate the nightscape.
  • 2. If you don’t want to visit the tourist spots inside, it does not cost anything to go into the town, as long as you do not walk in from the main entrance, but from another entrance.

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