Grand View Garden of Minority Nationalities

The Grand View Garden of the Minority Nationalities is located close to the Zoological Park in Shanghai and is the best equipped and largest cultural landscapes in China today.

The garden displays the culture, art and folk customs of 56 Chinese nationalities including their craftworks, dancing, singing, festivals, marriage customs, costumes and architecture.

Grand View Garden can be divided into 10 minority villages based on religions and culture. While it is a little far from downtown Shanghai, it is definitely worth visiting due to all it offers.

The Main Highlights

Within Grand View Garden are eight very unique attractions: Main Gate Landscape, Huaxia Shopping City, Ethnic Gourmet City, the Kwan-yin large scaled statue, Convention Center, Sports Arena, Central Perforating Theater and the Central Lake that has the music fountain. Among all of these attractions he Main Gate is the most attractive. It is composed of a large banyan tree, a waterfall and a stone forest. Other than that tourists can also enjoy beautiful water screen movie hosted in the garden, cock fighting, bull fighting and horse racing. 

Unique Architectural Style

Grand View Garden is located in Shanghai’s Qingpu in lakeside Sianshan. It is a complex with a very unique architectural style typical of Qing Dynasty. The garden has been modeled based on the scenes that are described in a very popular Chinese novel, “Red Chamber Dream”. The beautiful architecture and landscaping of the Grand View Garden quickly made it a very popular tourist attraction in the last few years. The beautiful love story and the scenery depicted in this novel have mystified and enchanted readers for several generations.

Bringing the Red Chamber Dream to Life

Those visiting the Grand View Garden will definitely be able to understand how the garden brings the scenes from the novel Red Chamber Dream to life. They can find the beautiful tranquil garden near the lake and experience the imperial kinsmen’s lifestyle and their private gardens from the Qing Dynasty. Within the garden you will be able to visualize the main characters of the novel and see the beautiful Bamboo Lodge within the bamboo forests where Lin Daiyu had lived. The character of Jia Baoyu had lived in Pleasant Red Court while Xue Baochai had lived in Alpinia Park. Throughout the Grand View Garden are beautifully constructed pavements, rocks, caves, towers and pavilions.

The Two Scenic Spots

Visitors will enjoy the perfume of plum blossoms and osmanthus blossom floating throughout the garden. The Grand View Garden is spread over an area of 8000 square meters of floor space and it had taken 9 years for constructing this entire garden. There are two main scenic spots in the garden- the West Spot and the East Spot. Most landscape within the east spot includes sunflower garden, plums garden and the folk customs villa. The West Spot is known for its classic style architectural complex.

The Main Attractions Garden

One of the main attractions in the Grand View Garden is the Plum Blossom Garden where visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of plum blossoms. In Cool Fragrance Pavilion you will be able to enjoy the full view of the Yangtze River junction where the azure blue water of the river is dotted with several white sails. You will also be able to indulge in the banquet and music of the Red Chamber that match the story’s description closely to relive the story.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in Shanzao Zheng in Nanhui County.

How to Get There?

Tourist line No.2

Ticket Price:

60 RMB

Opening Hours:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

More Tips:

Spring and summer are the best times to visit the Grand View Garden.

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