Nanhui Rose Garden

Nanhui Rose Garden located in the east coast of Nanhui District, is also named East Sea Rose Garden because of its location in the East Sea Farm and China-Holand Rose Garden because the garden is jointly  operated by China and Holand . The Garden grows over 70,000 rose tress in 20 varieties. Nanhui Rose Garden is the largest rose garden in China applying  the most advanced planting technology and the main rose flowers supplier in Nanhui District.

The whole garden is sealed off from the outside by a huge aluminium alloy glass house and temperature and moisture are automatically controlled and adjusted by computer.

Walking along the central road lined with rose trees high up to human waist, visitors are shrouded in a fragrant smell of rose flowers. The rare blue rose and black rose brought from Holland can also be found here.

Solo Adventure Tips:


In the East Sea Farm in the east coast of Nanhui District.

How to Get There?

Take the San-Nan bus line at the Nanhui Bus Station.

Ticket Price:

5 RMB on common day, and 10 RMB during holidays

Opening Hours:

No limit

More Tips:

Nanhui Rose Garden offers customers accommodations.

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