Shanghai Film Park

Located in Chedun Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, Shanghai Film Park is one of the ten great film making bases in China. Shanghai Film Park contains the urban style of old Shanghai, the backstage of all the film made in the park, the standard European style garden, the former residence of Song Ziwen and the Art & Design Academy located on the Fenyang Road. The style and features of old Shanghai is one of the highlights of Shanghai Film Park.

Shanghai Film Park

The Shanghai Film Park is a must see while visiting Shanghai. There visitors can find out how movies are made. While visiting the park, if fortunately, visitors will get a chance to see the process of a film shoot and another one with lots of Chinese students. Although the scenes and the houses of the film are fake, it is very interesting to see put yourselves into some kind of 'Platoon' movie.


Have a Walk in the Movie Scene

Walking in the film park is like to walking in the movie scene and to experience the mood of the actors and actresses in the story. But these movie scenes are mostly special and not real. From an angle you think you see a house, but from the other angle, it's only an outside wall and there is nothing inside. When you see an old trams running normally and looked very good, everything is an illusion. The houses are 80 % size of the normal one and so are the upstairs and also the trams.

Shanghai Film Park

The movie scene is interesting and beautifully decorated with all the stage property scattered around and people dressed up resting near the scenes. The Downtwon Shanghai part and Art Deco buildings as well as the small lake and Peace plaza are highlights in the park. When travelling to Shanghai, the film park is an attraction visitors always miss. To visit the place can be another experience of visitors’ journey.

Kung Fu Show

When visitors feel tired to walk, it is hardly to find a bench in the film park to have a rest. There is a gorgeous kung fu performance in studio no.5 provides a place to have a rest and enjoy the traditional Chinese kung fu show. Visitors can enjoy two kung fu stages twice a day at 10:30 in the morning and 1:30 in the afternoon.

They combine the kung fu show with the classical story in old Shanghai called "Shanghai Tan". The story was popular on Chinese TV series and is set in 1920s Shanghai. In the very limited time and actors and actresses, visitors will see the performance with a montage of jazz dance, a love triangle scene and kung fu fight within the 20-minute show. The actors and actresses will not carry microphones and the Shanghainese and Mandarin dialogue is coming out of the record prepared before. Together with the sound effects of combat, the show will give audiences a sense of real.

Nearby Attractions

Going out of the film plot, visitors can take a view of the modern Shanghai. The Bund and Oriental Pearl TV Tower can be the representative of modern Shanghai. For shopping, Tianzifang is a shopping place providing a lot of creative products.

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      Chedun Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201611, China

How to Get There?

Public Transport

Bus: Take the Lian-Shi Line bus, Lian-Feng Line Bus or Lian-Jin Line Bus, and get off at the Chedun stop.

Metro Line 1: Transfer at Lianhua Station, take the Lian-Shi Line bus, Lian-Feng Line Bus or Lian-Jin Line Bus, and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 1: Transfer at South Railway Station, take the Shang-Shi Line Bus to the Shi-hua direction and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 9: Transfer at New Songjiang Town, take the Song-Min Line bus, and get off at the Chedun stop.
Jinshan Line: Take Jinshan Line at South Railway Station and get off at Chedun stop

Ticket Price:
80 Yuan (Adult); 40 Yuan (Children)

Opening Hours:

8: 30am to 4: 30pm

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