Shanghai Grand View Garden

The Grand View Garden is a replica of Daguanyuan,the magnificent garden of an imperial family described in the well-known Chinese novel "A Dream of Red Mansions" by a Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin. It consists of a dozen groups of scenic constructions such as Yihongyuan (the Happy Red Court), Xiaoxiangguan (the Bamboo Lodge), Daguanlou (the Grand View Tower), Hengwuyuan (the Lush Grass Court), Daoxiangcun (Paddy-sweet Cottage), Lixiangyuan (the pear blossom court), Mudanting (the Peony Pavilion ), Qiushuangzhai (the Cool Autumn Building), Longcui Nunnery, Qinfang Bridge, Winding Paths etc. Being either elegant, or simple, or secluded or exquisite, they fully embody the charm and mood portrayed in "A Dream of Red Mansions".

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How to Get There?
Take the bus to Qingpu District at Xiqu Bus Station Take the bus to Qingpu District at Bei Xinjing Bus Station Take the bus to Qingpu District at Renmin Square Bus Station

Ticket Price:

RMB 60

Opening Hours:
8:00 am to 5: oo pm

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