Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Located in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong District, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. It is one of the biggest man-made seawater aquariums in the world.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium covering 20,500 square meters consists of 2 pyramid shaped buildings. One is the main building and another is an annexe. The main building is made up of 3 floors and a basement. There are 8 exhibition zones in this building: China Zone, South America (Amazan) Zone, Australia Zone, Africa Zone, Cold Water Zone, Polar area Zone, Sea and Shore Zone and Deep ocean Zone.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium displays more than 300 species and more than 12,000 rare fishes and endangered species from all over the world. The most special marine creatures are poisonous frogs, jelly fishes, moonfishes, leafy sea dragons, king penguins, common perch.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

There is a submarine tunnel with a total length of 155 meters is rated the longest submarine viewing tunnel in the world. The unique auto submarine tunnel with 180 degree and 270 degree sightseeing windows enable visitors to have a wonderful tour.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is also a good place for kids.

Recommended Itinerary In the Aquarium

After buying tickets on the first floor in the main building, visitors go up to the third floor to begin the whole Shanghai Ocean Aquarium tour. China Zone is the first area that tourists will visit. Next, visitors will come to the Amazon forest of South America Zone, then the Australia Zone.

Down to the 2nd floor, visitors meander through the African Zone before entering the rainforests of Southeast Asia Zone. Next, prepare to go to the Cold Water Zone and Polar Zone. The last zone on the 2nd floor is Sea and Shore Zone.

The end of the tour is Deep Ocean Zone which locates in the basement. The submarine viewing tunnel enables tourists to have the feeling that they are on the real sea bottom.

On the 1st floor, there are Tourist Center, Souvenir Shop and Restaurant with about 300 seats. Visitors may return to the first floor for meals and to purchase souvenirs and presents.

Feeding Time

The various creatures here are fed at fixed times when visitors may enjoy the spectacle. Times are arranged as follows:
Wide Ocean in Deep Ocean Zone
10:10-10:25; 14:40-14:55
Shoals of Fish in Deep Ocean Zone
10:30-10:40; 15:00-15:10
Sharks in Deep Ocean Zone
10:30-11:00; 15:00-15:30
Spotted Seals in Cold Water Zone
10:40-10:50; 15:40-15:50
Penguins in Polar Zone
11:00-11:15; 16:00-16:15
Note: for the habit of marine creatures, the feeding time may change without notice visitors.

Nearby Attraction

Nanjing Road

Shanghai's - and, in fact, China's - premier shopping street, a 3½-mile-long stretch ofNanjing Road, starts atthe Bundin the east and ends, in the west, at the junction of Jingan Temple Metro Station (at the bottom of Nanjing Road) and Yan'an West Street. This seemingly endless stretch of Nanjing Road attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of fashion-seeking, bargain-hunting shoppers from around the world, daily.

Subway line No. 2 extends to the center of the city, and Nanjing Pedestrian Mall is only 1 station from Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.

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 No.1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, China

How to Get There?

Public buses: Take bus No.81, 82, 85, 583, 774, 795, 798, 799, 870, 961, 971, 985, 992, 993 or 996 and get off at Lujiazui Subway Station or Lujiazui Ring Road
Subway: Take Line No. 2 and get off at Lujiazui Station. Next get out from Exit 1. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is about 200 meters from the station.

Ticket Price:

Ticket Price: 160 yuan for Adult; 110 yuan for children between 1.0 meter to 1.4 meter in height and accompanied by aldult; 70 yuan for servicemen and the disabled; 90 yuan for the elderly aged above 70 years110 yuan for adults; 70 yuan for children of 80cm to 1.4 meters high.

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