Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is located in the Pudong New Area and about 22 miles from the city center. Shanghai Wild AnimalPark is the first national gradewild zoo and is one of China's biggest wild animal parks and covers an area of 153 hectares. The animal park is popular with visitors interested in wild animals. Then Shanghai Wild Animal Park is a good place to visit. The park has a highlight theme.

In the park, visitors will have an interaction with the animasl such as touching and feeding the animals (none wild ones). All the animals in the park is being in a natural condition and habitat instead of being prisoned in cages. On the contrary, in order to see the wild animals, visitors will be in the special caged bus in their wild natural habitat. It is excellent for all ages.

There are over 200 rare species and over 10,000 animals from all over the world, including giraffe, zebra, white rhinoceros and hunting leopards. Some indigenous animals under special protection include giant pandas, golden monkeys, south-china tigers, and Asian elephants and many others.

The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is divided into two areas: one for walking, and one which is accessible to buses. There is an herbivore zone, a free zone, aquatic bird lake, bird zone, animal kindergarten, pet monkey park, rare animal park, animal performance zone, sea lion performance zone and other spots in this Park and there are five main sections: animal performing hall and areas for wild beasts, herbivores, penned animals and other animals.

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The Performing Hall

In the performing hall, visitors will be greeted by the cute animal actors. It is seemed like the lovely elephants, dogs, sheep, bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and parrots are keen to present a colorful performance for the enthusiastic visitors. Under the patient and elaborate training of the feeders, all of them have amazing skills and cooperate well with each other. Visitors praise that they are the top animal actors and some are even the animal stars.

There will be races in the dog racing course. All the animals good at running or galloping will compete for the championship in the venue. Dogs, camels, ostriches and Mongolian horses are the selected competitors. Let's wait and see who will win!

Areas for Herbivores

The areas for herbivores allow visitors to have a close look at many gentle animals on foot. During a leisurely walk you will see Australian kangaroos, Asian Sika deer, African ring-tailed lemurs and Latin American yellow and blue macaws and more.

Visitors also can take the bus enclosure to get into the real life of zebra, yak, deer and elephant. Be forewarned though: the bus park is not suitable for all, especially young children or those with a delicate temperament. Sometimes, visitors may encounter unpleasant even gruesome sight such as the beasts’ hunting for food.

There is also a special animal zoo which is a hit with small kids where they can have a close-up look at the lovely animals.

Areas for Wild Beasts

The tigers and lions are living lively and moving about actively in an opening area, unlike many zoos where the big animals are caged on the back of the pen and looks weak. Visitors will take a caged bus in order to defense the attack of the beasts all of a sudden.

The cross over breed between male lions and female tigers, the so called liger was very huge; it will be the biggest big cat visitors have seen in the life. It is very active and walks about very close to the perimeter glass and fence next to the spectators. It had almost no stripes and off white in color.

Incubator Section

In the incubator section, also called the "Newly-born animals Area", visitors can see really cute baby leopards, tigers, white tigers and lions. Their date of births were shown on their ID cards, the batches of babies were about 3 months old. The babies would stand together under an indoor yellow light bulb for the heat as the winter was very cold. The slightly bigger cubs play and run around in a confined area outdoor.

Note: The other area is the closed one where all the dangerous animals like bears, tigers and lions are. They had also some zebras, antelopes, camels etc. The closed area you can only see in tour buses. There is no additional fee for the bus ride.

More Fun

There are some other areas for fun. Visitors will come to "The Water Fowls Lake" where there are white swans, mandarin ducks, cranes and so on. In The “Rare Animals Area", the little giant pandas always attract many visitors. The others are "The Golden Monkeys Area", "The Chimpanzees Area", "The Birds' Paradise ", "The White Lions and White Tigers House". Visitors have to take the special bus to go to "The Area for the Beasts for Prey". Visitors can find the ferocious Siberian tigers, African lions, Malaysian bears just around the bus.


The park provide a featuring chance to all the social organizations and individuals to donate money and adopt the wild rare animals like golden monkey, elephant, panda and so on. The adopted animals will be live in the park and the donated fee will be used to protect them. The sum of the donated fee will be depended on the ability of the donator. The warm-hearted people can come to the park and visit the animal he or she adopts.

Till now, the number of the adopted variety is come up over 71 and more than a population of 114. If you like wild animals and have the ability to protect them, please give a hand to them. of course, to protect them is not necessary to reflect on the angle of money, but the behavior.

Timetable of animals show





Welcome guests


The square in the Zhenda meng

Monkey's ropewalking and sideshow ,wrestling between man and bear

Sea lion'show

10:00, 15:15

The performance hall of sea lion

Playing drunken, leaping in the water, water ballet ,carrying the ball with headstand

The show of lions and tigers team

11:30, 14:30

Animal arena

Tiger riding horse, tiger crossing circle, lion stepping ball

The large –scale animal arts performance


Animas' hill arena

All kinds of animal welcoming guests, a peacock in his pride、the lion and the dog, elephant’s show and so on…


Solo Adventure Tips:


No.178, Nanliu Rd., Nanhui District

How to Get There?

1. Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Zhangjiang High Technology Park Subway Station. Get out from Exit 5 and find the bus stop for Zhangnan Line. Then get on the bus and get off at the wild animal park.

2. Take Subway Line 16 and get off at Wild Animal Park Station. Then take Huinan Line 6 and get off at the park. 

3. Nanxin Special Line: From Shanghai Railway Station to Nanhui University Town passing the park. 

4. Huisong Line: from Songjiang Railway Station to Nanhui Bus Station passing the park. 

5. Tourism Bus at Shanghai Stadium (Parking Lot No. 4) only on weekends: 9:30 from Shanghai Stadium and 16:00 back from the zoo. Reservation is necessary.

Ticket Price:

-Giraffes (available for feeding, 20 RMB to get in)
-Elephants (available for feeding /riding, 50 RMB to get in)
-Kangaroos (you can literally enter their enclosure and feed/touch/take selfies, 20 RMB to get in)
-Alpacas (same as the Kangaroos, 20 RMB)
-Lemurs (same as the Kangaroos, bring your own banana's for these animals, free)
-Monkeys (same as the Kangaroos, bring your own banana's, free)
-Goats, baby goats, pigs, baby pigs, ducks/swans/geese/fearless pigeons (available for feeding, free)
-Ponies, Camels, Horses (available for riding for a fee)

Opening Hours:

8:00-17:00 (stop selling ticket at 16:00) from Mar. to Nov.

8:00-16:30 (stop selling ticket at 15:30) from Dec. to the next Feb.

More Tips:

- Take the Feeding bus tour (open cage bus) as you feel much closer to the animals than in the normal bus. For extra charge the guide feeds bears, lions, and tigers with carrots, fruits, and LIVES chickens (unique experience, however, not recommended to anyone who stands for animal rights).

- Do not miss the Performance show at 1PM. Very busy but certainly worth it!

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