Beggars Chicken

Ingredients: Fresh and tender chicken

Features: The chicken is white, fragrant and tender. It has a soft taste and will not be stuck between your teeth.

Legend: According to the legend, in ancient times there was a beggar who wandered destitute to the Yangtze River Delta. One day, he fell to the ground because of hunger and cold. A fellow sufferer stole a small hen for him, but realized that they did not have a stove to cook it in. At this point, they saw a bonfire close to them and came up a good idea. They wrapped the chicken with mud and put it into the bonfire to be baked. After a while, they opened the mud pie and unexpectedly found that the chickens feathers had fallen off and that the chicken tasted extremely well. Later this cooking technique spread into restaurants, and the dish finally became a famous part of the Hangzhou cuisine.

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