Old Shanghai Teahouse

Old Shanghai Teahouse is a teahouse that tourists should never miss, because people can not only enjoy the fragrant tea , but also appreciate the ancient treasures in old Shanghai and feel the atmosphere of old Shanghai in the 1930s, 1940s and even earlier. When stepping into Old Shanghai Teahouse, tourists can enjoy the fragrant tea in the left and join the old Shanghai dreams in the right. People can stand by the window and enjoy the breeze from outside. Inside the teahouse, there is an accumulation of history and culture for years, while outside the teahouse, that is the hustle and bustle of the real world. Thus, tourists are standing on the joint point of the history and the real world. The various old treasures displayed in Old Shanghai Teahouse are beautiful and exquisite, from the gas lamp, biscuit tin, old-fashioned telephone, electric fan, milk bottle to stapling machine, sphygmomanometer, the Fahrenheit thermometer, spontoon, licence plate and door plate. There is even a cheque book of Citibank, fitness equipment which can be used as both dumbbell and spring-grip dumbbell, leather shoes for three-inch golden lotus (women's bound feet in feudal age) in rainy days, ashtray and teapots. All of these items on display can date back to the 1930s, showing the lives and customs of the people at that time. Furthermore, the wooden yo-yo and ball plate are very interesting, making tourists happy. In the dark and yellow light, all the exhibits seem antique and highly culture-loaded. Tourists may forget where they are and when it is; instead, they may feel as if they were in the old Shanghai in the 1930s.

Opening Hours
: 09: 00 - 21: 00

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