Seagull Palace

The night view of Huangpu River is good to rest one's eyes. While you enjoy the beautiful night view and eating delicious cuisines, what will you feel? Seagull Palace can offer customers this wonderful enjoyment. Located in 2852 Bin Jiang Da Dao, by Feng He Road Shanghai, it looks like a huge seagull flying on the waves, which can make it become a symbol building in Shanghai. The food in Seagull Palace is as wonderful as the scenery outside.

The seafood is especially good and popular, such as cinnamon snail, sweet roll seafood chowder, fish sandwiches lobster rolls in particular. Besides, the blueberry pancakes and ice cream cones there are extremely popular. So if you are looking for a an enjoyment with a combination of charming views and amazing taste, Seagull Palace is your best option.

How to get there: Bus 81、85、795,798、985、799、993、774、870、961
Subway:Line 2
Opening Hour: 11:00am-9:00 pm

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