Yanyunlou Restaurant

Yanyunlou Restaurant is a famous Beijing food restaurant with a history of 50 years. Now it has two chain restaurants in Shanghai. The Nanjing Road Branch has a total space of 3,000 square meters. On the 8th floor, there is a dining hall, which can serve 300 customers simultaneously. On the 9th floor, there are ten charted rooms. Yanyunlou's specialty is roast duck, which is less fat than that in Quanjude in Beijing, but bright in color and crispy in skin, suitable to the palate and habit of shanghailanders. In the past 50 years it had already established the fame for its culinary skills and a menu of variety of dishes. Besides delicious food, the brilliant decoration of the restaurant is also impressive, full of Beijing style. The designer introduced some Beijing's places of cultural interest such as Changguanlou (Grand View Tower), Taoranting (Joyous Pavilion), Liulichang (Antiques Street), Guanghelou Restaurant, Fengzeyuan Hotel, Juyongguan

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