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Zhangshengji Restaurant

Zhangshengji Restaurant is specialized in Suzhou and Hangzhou cuisine. Its specialty is “Dried bamboo shoots and old duck”. For cooking the special dish, all the raw materials are specially-fed old ducks from Hangzhou, The chef will stew an old duck together with superior dried bamboo shoots and Jinhua ham, one of the best bacon products in China in a pot for more than four hours. The dish is characterized by its perfect color, mellow flavor. It tastes delicious but not greasy, soft but not excessive. Eating the dish with pickled green soy beans and sliced lotus root cooked in sweet sauce, you can feel a special flavor. Zhangshengji is particular not only about fresh material, adept and reasonable cooking skill, but also about its beautiful and comfortable dinning environment. So since the day of opening, Zhangshengji is prosperous in its business. If you want to enjoy the delicious food in a charted room there, you have to make a reservation a week in advance.

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